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Sydney, AUS
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Q: How did you get into watch collecting?

Needing to tell the time and a penchant for shiney things

Q: What was the first watch you ever owned?

Casio MTP1202

Q: Do you have a watch with a particularly interesting story behind it?

They all have some sort of story or memory attached but the watches that I have sought out for ridiculously low prices are my favourites.

Q: What is one piece of advice you have for someone just getting into watches?

Don't get on the hype train. Buy watches that you like. Don't buy watches in credit!๐Ÿ˜œ

Q: What brands have been getting your attention lately?

I'm pretty loyal to my Seikos. 1980s Seikos keep popping up in my feeds.

Q: What is your grail watch and why?

Certina DS-3 Super Ph1000m โ€“ Military Diver Royal Austarlian Navy. I would love an original 1970s piece, but would take the modern Ph300 if I had the money! Super utalitarian, a true tool watch proven in the field. Definitely have a thing for Mil watches.