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Love the Seiko GMT

Random post. Just kept looking at my Seiko GMT SSK001 this morning and admiring it. Its just a beautiful watch!

A great replacement!

After my tissot seastar 1000 conked, was looking for a good diver on a budget. Was on the fence about the Orient Kamasu, but with such good reviews, I...

Had a bad experience with Tissot

Got my Tissot Seastar 1000 quartz back from the repair shop. It had stopped working, thought it was just a battery change, so I took it in. Turns out,...

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commented on Seiko 60s added to my collection ยท

Freaking gorgeous! Could you share the ref number?

commented on Aqua Terra ยท


commented on What is a good brand to buy for children and teenagers to introduce mechanical โŒš? ยท

Would say an orient kamasu would be awesome. Its hardy and has 200m WR.

But if you're open to quartz, ita hard to beat a g-shock casioak. They look great, are durable, just an awesome choice.

commented on A great replacement! ยท

For sure!

commented on Who does the watch box best? ยท

Is it just me or does the last picture look like a tiny casket?? Maybe I just need more sleep! XD

commented on When you travel, which watches do you take? ยท

Perfect combo!

commented on Had a bad experience with Tissot ยท

Hey, everyone, really appreciate all the support and suggestions. I'm going to try and summarize here. Bear with me!

Most importantly, my wife understood and didn't kill me (just yet, I'm sure she'll find a reason to, eventually!)

I have had it for about 18 months'ish. Thats my best guess, coz I didn' buy it, it was a gift from my wife because she saw me insessantly looking at dive watches all day.

Honestly, I have been happily going down the watch enthusiast rabbit hole ever since and kinda lost track. I bought a lot of watches since then (all under 500 usd, thats my budget right now), and have received a beautiful seiko gmt ssk001 from my wife just last month. Honestly, I shouldn't complain, I love the watch and I wont stop getting more, honestly.

But, that means I get to buy another dive watch!!!

I am so down the rabbit hole and loving it!!

Thanks for the support and suggestions! I will keep the actual watch forever for the memories but get a new diver! (Or two, maybe more.....)