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8.27” / 21.00 cm Wrist
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Nearly identical mechanism in two different ⌚ from two different brands: CHOOSE

The Seiko Prospex Speedtimer (SBEC009; SRQ037j1) shares nearly the same vertical clutch column wheel chronograph mechanism featured in the Pitzmann 3 chronograph: Seiko 8R48/46, where the first and se...
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Has anybody visited or have plans to visit any of the ⌚ museums listed below? Are the sites worth the day trip? Please feel free to leave comments, thoughts, and experiences. I have also included some links to some other sites and resources below.

Above photo is Musée International d’Horlogerie (MIH) in La-Chaux-De-Fonds. 5 Must-Visit Museums for Watch Lovers Musée...
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⌚ for engagement?

Supplant or accompany the ring.
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commented on What ⌚ to wear when diving? ·

Yes but not really.

One needs to be using an iPhone to get the full benefit, and I will not revert to iOS after Android.

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Rings can do MUCH HARM and not just working in the energy sector.

commented on Is your airport in this article? Are the prices in these airport dealers really any cheaper? ·

First, thanks for your comment.

I had thought the same after traveling through Zürich and Heathrow, where the absence of duty itself will not suppress the MSRP from the authorized dealers in the airport.

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Much appreciated.


commented on ETA 2834-2 ·

Honestly, luxury ⌚ are usually simply finished better but fundamentally very similar in most mechanisms.

commented on Cultural myths surrounding ⌚ purchases. ·

Bits that one does not want to know even if an ultrasonic cleaner can remove them.

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How does the movement appear?

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Is your airport in this article? Are the prices in these airport dealers really any cheaper?

Quartz ⌚.

Favorite Quartz mechanism, if any?
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Cultural myths surrounding ⌚ purchases.

Please choose below or comment. I do not endorse irrational beliefs and require concrete evidence. With that said, upbringings in some cultures have rituals associated with giving and receiving ⌚ tha...
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The regulator complication.

Please vote. I appreciate your participation.
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Please help me choose.

I aspire to break into Grand Seiko. Here are a few that caught my eye. Feel free to comment on your choice. If you feel there are better Grand Seiko options, please comment.
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