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Black & Gold or Max Gold?

So I was think from 2024 that I would buy a new watch for every house I purchase as part of my retirement plan. For my first watch I was thinking of a...

Merry Christmas

Mery Christmas, one and all. I wish you a very merry Christmas, may you and your loved ones create lots memories that stand the test of time.

Ladies watch recommendations

Hey, WC community. Im reaching out as I need the power of the collective mindset here. The Mrs has finally given up on smart watches and decided she w...

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commented on Decisions, decisions, decisions....

This was a really difficult one for me, but I thought the Tudor just edged it (and I don't like Tudors and I do love GS).

However, I'm changing my vote back to the GS now having seen just how bloody thick that BB is!

commented on Out of Comfort Zone question

Love the farer and Oris,.lovely watches. The bronze is the thing outside my comfort zone. I don't think I'd like the way it ages 馃ぃ

commented on Thinking of swapping

Do it, the GS looks much better, you have a longing for it. Go for it.

Speedy is iconic, doesn't mean it's better for you.

Speedy may hold it's value better however, I have baught a watch as an investment they are something that is meant to make you feel good. If the GS does that for you then why the hell not.

Hope you enjoy the new watch!

commented on The Wedding Watch: Omega v Rolex

I would go with something as classy and unique as the women your getting married too. Anyone can have a Rolex or omega off the rack. Id go for something rather special

commented on First SOTC

Beautiful collection, no more needed. Very diverse and well curated. Well done 鉁

commented on This Week鈥檚 Watch 鈥 Week 3: Brew Metric

You won't regret it, I have the black and gold and it gets as much wrist time as my luxury watches

commented on Timex Marlin and Peanuts X

Thank you for sharing this, what a sublimely wonderful & playful collection you have. I wish you the very best of luck in obtaining this last two pieces in order for you complete this collection.

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Neon and bright coloured fun watches

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How much of our income do we spend on our watchs?

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