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Watch Blog Misses the Point, Continues to be Boring and Lazy

https://www.ablogtowatch.com/watch-review-christopher-ward-c63-sealander-gmt-36mm "For me, given how rarely I actually engage the GMT function on any...

Best Strap Combo?

From left to right, all vintage Seikos from the early 1970s: 1. Seiko Lord Marvel 2. Seiko Lord Matic 3. King Seiko 4. Grand Seiko If you had to choose one to spend the day with?
64 votes ·

Sorry, but I sniped this one 🎯

Was just taking with people here about these Traskas not being available until June. One came up today on eBay. Had to snipe it. 😉 What do y'all thin...

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commented on Watch Blog Misses the Point, Continues to be Boring and Lazy ·

Thank you for your input. I want to clarify that my concern isn't solely about someone criticizing a watch I like, as the watch in question, a "caller" GMT, isn't one I personally favor.

My intention in bringing attention to the review was to highlight the importance of accuracy and depth in watch reviews, particularly regarding features like GMT functionalities which I think is misunderstood by some and a costly mistake if they they purchase one to find out they might have been better off with something with a Miyota 9015 for half the price. Even though the reviewed watch may not align with my preferences, I believe it's crucial for enthusiasts to be informed about the nuances of different watch complications.

By discussing these matters within our community, my goal is to promote a culture of critical thinking and accountability among both reviewers and readers. While engaging directly with authors is one avenue for feedback, it's not the one I chose in the end, broader discussions like this can also contribute to raising awareness.

I think you misunderstood me if you thought I was arse hurt over a watch that I would not purchase in the first place, but you may not have know that and that's okay. BTW, I really liked your "Omega Seamaster Diver 300M No Time To Die review". Imagine how much better that article on the Christopher Ward would have been if he would have put even a portion of the detail, depth and passion into his article and not phoned it in with obvious facts, lazy opinons that don't help the broader watch community on a watch that is great but could have been so much more.

commented on Watch Blog Misses the Point, Continues to be Boring and Lazy ·

Sure doesn't, but these articles and he are regularly lazy and I'm my opinion don't reflect the same level of detail that a true watch enthusiast wants when looking for information about a watch. Doesn't rich on any of the facts that would make the article as interesting read it help someone make a decision and this blog is full of this trash.

I could care less about his thoughts. But Google serves these things up right and left

commented on Massena LAB X Unimatic ·

36mm is coming back. When I first started collecting vintage, I couldn't get away from them and friends and other non watch enthusiasts would comment on how small it is. That rarely happens anymore. I think the smaller size is becoming more popular outside the watch enthusiast crowd. This watch is stunning, and not vintage. I've seen other brands coming out with 36mm and I love it.

commented on The perfect dress piece...for me ·

Absolutely beautiful, I've bid on a few of these. You got a superb example. Here are a few of mine.

commented on Lorier Nero ·

Three on eBay right now.

commented on Anyone bought from Barton watch bands before? ·

I don't ever look at reviews on this site as paid. I just know the members too well. 🤣

commented on New Islander Port Jefferson with Traveler GMT ·

Leave home, travel the globe. The world is yours.

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