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RLG Odyssea Review

First of all, I absolutely love this watch! So let's start with the specs & dimensions. The Odyssea diver has 200m water resistance all bundled in...

RLG Odyssea

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commented on Strap recommendations? ·

I’ve been wearing a DeLugs CTS rubber strap with the leaf spring deployant clasp. They have an olive green FKM rubber that might scratch your itch for a high quality and sporty strap for your watch. It’s pricey, but it’s well worth it in my opinion.


commented on Divers @ $500 ·

I absolutely love my RLG Odyssea! Super comfy, fits well on my smaller wrist, insane lume! Takes a beating at the beach and at work and hasn’t let me down yet. Also looks great on tons of different straps.

commented on Best daily GMT? ·

I think any of the Grand Seiko GMTs are going to be a good bet

commented on Unfortunate start of the year ·

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this as a solution yet, but i had this happen to my khaki field auto and what seemed to alleviate it was to let the mainspring wind all the way down to nothing and then get it going using the old Seiko shake. I’ve since not wound mine up nearly as much as I used to, and the problem hasn’t returned. Still have a year and few months left on the warranty, but should it happen again before March 2025, I’ll have it remedied by Swatch.

commented on rnorthem's WRUW ·

Seiko NH 35A. Currently running -15 seconds/day, but that can be dialed in very easily. I would love it to run in the positives, but I don’t want to pull off the caseback and mess with it just yet.

commented on rnorthem's WRUW ·

Sure thing! First thing’s first, I really enjoyed putting this watch together and I was incredibly surprised how well it fits my 6.25 inch wrist. It’s not a light watch due to the all metal case, solid endlinks, and solid bracelet, but Ive found it super comfortable. I found it easy to size and fits very well all throughout the day, though your mileage may vary, depending on how much your wrist swells. It’s honestly very thin, approximately 11.5 mm which on a 42 ish mm case and 47ish mm lug to lug, it fits fantastic. I was also very surprised with the case fit and finish which has far exceeded expectations. I would definitely give this a chance if you can find one, though they are not in stock at namokimods. Lucius Atalier has cases in stock right now, so you might have to try them out if you’re itching for this style sooner rather than later. Hope this is all helpful information!

commented on Raf_Mndz's WRUW ·

Finally, some real world images of bronze patina!