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profcomete ·

What is your favorite JDM watch?

It’s all in the title. Among all Japanese Domestic Market you know or own, which one is your favourite? Mine is the one pictured, a Seiko Alpinist SAR...
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profcomete ·

Rolex Milgauss appreciation post

It might not be the most popular, but to me it’s the most quirky and unique looking Rolex! If I had the money (and the time to wait on the waiting lis...
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profcomete ·

Lesser known space watches

Let’s talk about something different from the Speedmaster for a change. Yes, it was the first watch worn on the moon, and it is a fantastic watch. But...
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profcomete commented on Tissot PRX ·

I used to think the same, and waited for the 35mm version to change my mind.

While the smaller case felt nice, the bad alignment on the Quartz version (which is also an issue on the Tissot I have in my collection) put me off.

However, the new blue leather strap felt great and helped a lot with the general looks of the watch on my wrist, and I’m now seriously reconsidering it as a next watch.

profcomete commented on LET’S SEE THOSE GREEN WATCHES!! ·

Here I come with an Alpinist as well! 
Its green dial, along with the gold hands is exactly what has drawn me to it, and why I love looking at it every time it gets some wrist time.

profcomete commented on Speedy Tuesday anyone..... ·
(Image failed to load!)

3861 with its (already scratched 😔) hesalite dome at my coffee break .

profcomete commented on What is your favorite JDM watch? ·

Nice one! The red bezel really adds something!

profcomete commented on Lesser known space watches ·

The Sturmanskie looks really nice!

Are the numbers lumed? Really nice color anyway!

profcomete commented on Lesser known space watches ·

I have recently discovered the Seiko Pogue and it's really good looking!

I don't quite have the budget for one right now, but it's definitely going on the list!

profcomete commented on Under $1000 Swiss watch ·

If you are into divers the Mido Ocean Star 200 might fit the bill: 

Hoping that message does not come too late, and that your birthday has not passed yet!

If it has, what did you get?