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Your opinion about the seconde/seconde collaborations?

In general, I really like seconde/seconde and his fun and unorthodox approach to design. The issue, for me, is that since becoming more recognizable e...

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commented on The Baltic "Prismic" - Hate the name... ยท

I think it fits perfectly in the โ€œfuture vintageโ€ style thatโ€™s been popular as a general trend in fashion, music, video, etc. Baltic designs are spot on in terms of vibe.

It is not for me, but can see a lot of women going for it. Hermetique is still my favorite release from the brand.

commented on Help and thoughts ๐Ÿ˜Š ยท

My logic in your situation will be: itโ€™s a special occasion and the watch that celebrates it will be worn on special occasions. In that case I wonโ€™t rate the versatility that much, but what my heart mostly desires. It can be quite different from everything else in my collection.

For example, my wedding watch is in rose gold color and I wear it only on more formal events or when Iโ€™m dressed up to feel special on a normal day at the office.

From what you described the different watch for you is the Seamaster.

commented on Your opinion about the seconde/seconde collaborations? ยท

Yes, the AW collab was amazing. I like the Timex for the pure fun, but the latest are sub par.

commented on Heading to the UK and Switzerland โ€ฆ ยท

I just want to say that this is 101 on how to build trust and thatโ€™s always needed even by established brands. Cheers!

Mike, Iโ€™m curious whatโ€™s the most up and coming micro brand at the moment?

commented on Yema Urban Traveller - strap options? ยท

According to their support they still donโ€™t have straps for this model. Hopefully there will be options in the upcoming months.

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Yema Urban Traveller - strap options?

Hey everyone, I recently got gifted the watch by my wonderful wife and I love it. For me, the design is more appealing than PRX or The Twelve. The bra...