Marshall Time showing two micros that get it right!

Side by side with Marshall Time checking out Bausele and Ginault- two micros that has he says “get it right”

Bausele Sydney Diver

Kevin over at Wrong Time checking out the Bausele Sydney Diver. Give this a view

Bausele US Army Diver Review

Thanks Marshall Time for checking out Bausele and the US Army Diver

Bausele US Army

Having some photo fun with my grandfather’s WW2 things and the Bausele MILSPEC. A piece designed by veterans, built by veterans, and benefiting vetera...

Bausele MILSPEC Diver reviewed by an Engineer

On The Wrist checks out the Bausele US Army- a watch designed by veterans, built by veterans, and with proceeds benefitting veterans

Watch Collectors of California Unboxing Bausele

Watch Travis of COCAB unbox the Bausele US Army MILSPEC Diver

Bausele ocean moon IV on wrist today

This piece limited to only 50 is a collaboration between Bausele and Paxton Wong creating and celebrating Australia and Watchfest With actual dirt fro...

Bausele Ocean Moon IV - WatchFest Edition