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Why are so few watches "made in USA"?

Why is it so hard to find watches that are truly "made in USA"? The main argument I've heard is that the quartz crisis of the 1970s decimated American...

Christmas shopping

I suspect that many a cruncher is already looking towards the holidays with hope and anticipation!? Maybe it's a bit too early to ring in the season,...

First time sharing my collection

I don't really know other watch enthusiasts IRL, and there's exactly one person who has ever looked at my collection: it's me! So sharing this feels b...

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It really is!

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Great combo!

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commented on From Online to Real Life ·

beautiful story & shared experience!

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You can't teach taste. Stunning & well-curated collection!

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Lorca No. 1 GMT just arrived

This is a watch of several firsts for me. First time ordering from an unproven watch brand; first time preordering any watch; first „caller“ GMT. It j...

How does a quartz watch count to 32,768?

Sometimes I find myself with a question that is sufficiently interesting to lodge itself into my brain but not so urgent that I actually try to find a...

How many watches did you acquire in your first year of collecting?

I love it when people post their collections! Keep 'em coming. But I am curious: Many here seem to have been bitten by the horology bug within the last 1-2 years and filled an entire watch drawer befo...
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3 watches for 3 weeks on the road

I’ll be traveling for the next three weeks, for a mix of work, work-related events, social visits, and one wedding. These are the three watches I deci...

Favorite straps, bands, bracelets (and makers thereof!)

I have a much stronger sense of the watches I would or wouldn't add to my collection than I have of the straps I like or dislike. I don't get particul...

Watch running fast despite broken mainspring?

I just picked up this beauty from having it serviced. So glad to have it back, and it’s running smoothly at -1 sec/day. Before service, all functions...