My attempt at answering "why are you obsessed with watches?"

Made a short video with my grandfather's 1962 Omega Constellation De Luxe juxtaposed to my modern De Ville Prestige. Giving my answer to the age old question"why are you obsessed with watches?"

My grandfathers Omega Constellation De Luxe was purchased in Hong Kong in 1962. The case, dial, hands, and bracelet are all in white gold. There's 23 diamonds set in the hour markers. It's pure flash with a lot of class. And I think it's a great representation of his career in Asia.

鈥∕y Omega De Ville Prestige is much more contemporary than my grandfather's watch. It's my daily watch and it works in a lot of different situations. A big reason for me choosing to put an Omega on my wrist is because we do look up to our heroes, and my grandfather certainly is one of mine.

I had a lot of fun shooting and writing the amateur video. Appreciate you watching!


Great video, well done 馃憦


Great video, well done 馃憦

Thank you!

Great Video and story, Welcome!


Great Video and story, Welcome!

Thank you, hope to see you around!

Well said!

Great video ! Thank you for sharing the cool family story behind your grandfather's Omega. I dearly love Omega. They do so much well. The obsession for me is this tiny machine that runs on human power (automatic and mechanical movement) or even Solar Quartz & Spring Drive technology! All amazing and encased in works of art.