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delta6 ·

Dan Henry 1945 (reverse panda) opinions

I looking for my next piece and I am torn between 3 warches. At the moment, DH 1945 with the black dial and cram subdials is the favorite but I am not...
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delta6 ·

Seiko NH35a dials (33mm)

Hi everyone, I am looking for some dial options to accompany my nh35a movement i removed from a mediorce chinese homage watch. I need a 33mm diameter...
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delta6 ·

Sir Lewis Hamilton wearing 3 watches plus other jewellery

F1 authorities have decided to make the rules of wearables during an f1 race more strict due to safety reasons and thus forbidden wearing jewellery an...
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delta6 commented on Citizen Promaster Marine NY0040 ·

I finally was able to get a good match with an aftermarket bracelet i purchased for around 25€ 2 months ago, after some tweaks and replacing the clasp with one from a casio i rarely wear.

This is the result..

delta6 commented on Dan Henry 1945 (reverse panda) opinions ·

You are absolutely right. I got it wrong, possibly, based on the fact that other dan henry chronos have the seiko mecaquartz. Hm so this movement is inferior to the vk one I wonder?

delta6 commented on Omega Reverse Panda vs Rolex Daytona Panda. Which would you pick based on look? ·

Omega due to better vfm.

delta6 commented on Not by the hairspring of my Sinny Sinn Sinn ·

What a great watch. It is one of my few real grails..

delta6 commented on What did you get on Prime Day? ·

I ordered the Pagani Design PD1692. I am still waiting for it. From 139€ to 106€ was a good deal I think. Lets see

delta6 commented on Seiko NH35a dials (33mm) ·

I checked it and it has a nice collection but I believe they are located in Singapur.  

delta6 commented on How do you wear your NATO straps? ·

Recently I switched to adjustable one-pass nato straps and bought many from an online shop in sweden. With this kind I solved most of my issues with nato straps..

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delta6 ·

Citizen Promaster Marine NY0040

I got recently this wonderful diver. I got it with the rubber band. I looking for a fitting bracelet. Any ideas?
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delta6 ·

Single-hand (hour) watches

Does anyone have experience with budget single-hand watches. I m not talking of course for the likes of a Meistersinger. I do not have a budget for th...
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delta6 ·

Budget MecaQuartz Chrono Suggestions

I planning to purchase a budget chrono with a mecaquartz movement. After checking a lot of choices I have narrowed my search to a couple of options. I...
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delta6 ·

Seiko SKX007 on leather👌

Really proud of owning one of these since this morning..😊😊😊
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delta6 ·

Vintage Timex

Got today this nice looking vintage Timex. Hand-wind
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delta6 ·

Vintage Timex

Timex hand-wind made in Great Britain. Got it for less than 10€ including shipping. I cleaned it, polished the glass, changed the strap and here we ar...
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delta6 ·

Orient Bambino 2nd Gen. 2nd Version

Wearing my Bambino for today.😊
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