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Finding My Style

For most of my collecting journey, I've tried to have a diverse selection of watches, dive watches, tool watches, gmt, dress, etc. I feared redundancy...

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commented on Finding My Style ยท

oh i'd love a tank haha!

commented on New watch day :-) SPB411 ยท

congrats! i owned the vintage example (6117) for a while and it's a fantastic watch.

commented on What functions do you prioritize? ยท

Spot on

commented on coffeewatchestetris's WRUW ยท

thanks! itโ€™s a burgundy perlon strap. purchased from esprit-nato in france

commented on Bracelets should be like jeans - offered in skinny and straight leg versions. ยท

you are encouraging me to try my gs bracelet out a little loose. i took a half link off and now itโ€™s a little tight, so iโ€™ve been avoiding it on bracelet. going to try adding maybe a full link back (or just the half link) and embracing a more โ€œjanglyโ€ fit than i usually do

commented on Relax watches ยท

gorgeous. is that the delugs jean grey babele strap?

commented on cota123's WRUW ยท

iโ€™ve been seriously considering picking up one of these! looks great on you

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Core 4

Like many of you, I have acquired more watches than I know what to do with. Iโ€™ve found that realistically, I only cycle between around 4 watches at an...