Core 4

Like many of you, I have acquired more watches than I know what to do with. I’ve found that realistically, I only cycle between around 4 watches at any given time. I have others that are on the chopping block, waiting for me to decide it’s officially time to say goodbye and others that will always remain for sentimental reasons, even if they aren’t really getting worn.

Here is my current core 4. It consists of a

King Seiko 45-7001

Seiko Navigator Timer 6117-8009

Lorier Falcon III

Seiko SPB143

I think there’s good balance here. Two vintage, two modern. Two with dates, two dateless. Two with rotating bezels, two with fixed. There’s a GMT complication and a high beat movement. All of them work on bracelets/nato/leather, and allow me to routinely swap straps. There’s dressier pieces and more casual pieces.

This core 4 realization has me pausing before other potential watch purchases. Knowing I realistically only ever wear about 4 pieces, it needs to be something I want enough to replace something currently in my 4. And honestly, I’m pretty content right now!

I’m curious to hear from you all. How many watches make up your “core” collection? What do those consist of?


Excellent rotation! And not only because there's good balance or variety. Those are great to have in your rotation. But I feel, with what's being displayed, we get a good feel about who you are. For my rotation of a few watches, they all tend to be dive watches.

I think a rotation says more about ourselves when we choose to wear what we want as opposed to thinking we NEED to rotate to another watch for variety.


That’s a nice core. That hi-beat is awesome. My core is 5. I have about 10 others that I don’t wear hardly at all.


This collection is very my style, very similar to mine. How do you like the Lorier? How often do you wear the SPB? It seems so big compared to the other guys.


My rotation:

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto

Nomos Club

Nomos Tangente

Seiko5 GMT

Dan Henry 1964

Nodus Duality

Tissot PRX


That Lorier caught my eye. Love how it fits right at home on that brown strap 😍


Right now my core 3 is:

Hamilton Kahki Field

Laco Augsburg 39

GShock Casioak

I have a Hamilton Jazzmaster I have been meaning to wear more often however.


I don't limit myself with any predetermined number. All are open and fair game. Just depends on mood, occasion, clothes etc. I'll wear two ot the different ones in a day depending on what I'm doing.


My core collection has, for years now, been a black 16570 Explorer II and a white DateJust. They cover all my bases and give me endless joy, they're the only two I want to wear everything else is just kind of there.


I have acquired more watches than I know what to do with.

I know! You can gift them to me 😜


That’s a very nice four 👏. As you say, you have everything covered.

We have very similar logic. My core number is four too. I think I could add one or sell one but four feels good. Mine covers all bases - casual/dressy, bracelet/strap, GMT/date/no date/chrono.


Explorer II

Datejust 41

Speedmaster Professional


I like the look you got going with your rotation