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New Seiko Luxe SPB377 On Timegrapher

For those who are curious, here are the numbers in the four main positions (this 6R54 movement appears to have a beat angle of 53 degrees): Crystal up...

New Watch Day!

I love NWDs! My new Seiko Luxe SPB377 arrived today! I swapped the blue leather strap, which doesn't make much sense on an adventure/field watch, with...


This watch is freakin' beautiful. I love that Arita porcelain dial. It's one of my watches that I can't stop looking at when I wear it.

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commented on chibanachosin's WRUW

It has a feature where you can pull the crown out all the way, and the hands all go to the 12 position and it stops moving. The electronics inside continue to track time, however, and when you push the crown back in, the hands and date all swing into their correct positions. It's kind of neat to see, and it saves battery life, but it's also kind of gimmicky. It also causes the hands to move strangely when you're trying to adjust the time, like I had to this morning because the date was wrong and it was still on Standard Time.

commented on chibanachosin's WRUW

Thanks! I do find the watch quite attractive. I love the pattern on the dial and the white dial with the black case and bracelet. Not sure about the strange nature of the quarts movement, especially given the Bulova Jet Star watch I have now.

commented on chibanachosin's WRUW

Yes. I was told recently by my AD's Seiko rep that the watch would likely have a 300m rating without the knob for the rotating compass ring, but 200m is more than enough for me.

commented on Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic

Yes, I love it. The only issue I had was when it was still on the strap. There was an issue with the strap where it connects to the watch. I don't remember what it was. They replaced the strap for free, but I had a feeling it would happen again. I ended up getting the bracelet not long after that, and I've had no issues since. I do fear how expensive this thing will be to service, though.... Yes, the bracelet is hit or miss. I also worry that the way the butterfly clasp works (there's no button), that it may wear out over time. Hopefully the titanium will last a very long time and keep it securely clicked together.

commented on Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic

I believe that Bulgari claims these are sports watches. I just saw a review of the new, thinnest watch one, where the CEO or something was talking about how he wears his during all sorts of activities. However, I'm a little paranoid about wearing such a thin and expensive watch while doing anything more aggressive than basic walking. It probably can handle it, though.

commented on chibanachosin's WRUW

Thank you!

commented on New Watch Day!

Yes! I love the white dial version. My main issue with it is that I don't care much for the bracelet, and I didn't want to pay the extra $150 for it just to remove it.

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