I Pulled the Trigger Again!

I've been lusting after this watch (Prospex SPB377) since it was announced. I'm a sucker for a nice Seiko (and Grand Seiko). I just ordered it from the website of our nearby AD, and I'll pick it up tomorrow or Saturday morning. This will be my third Seiko Luxe and my fifth Seiko (not counting the one Grand Seiko).

My main complaint about this watch is that they put a fancy leather strap on an adventure/field style watch. The strap seems pretty, but who's going to go hiking or swimming with that leather strap on? This is going to be my new long walking, hiking, and maybe even riding watch. I have three rubber (bottom) and sailcloth (top) straps I bought for it ahead of time waiting to go on it.

I'll post some photos of the real thing on New Watch Day.



Love it, very tempting 馃ぉ馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎

Now I'm bummed a little bit. They had just sold the one they had in stock, and their inventory wasn't updated, yet. I was hoping to have it for my long walk tomorrow. Not a big deal, and I'll be happy to have one that's never been handled.

Great looking watch. I鈥檓 tempted.