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Wrote a blog post about the untimely demise of Longines VHP

I've felt a need to write a blog post about how sad I am for Longines killing the VHP. Here it is:

Where to get watch (protection) stickers?

I want to sell few watches from my collection. And since they are mostly in really good condition, I want to properly protect them while shipping. I c...

I have an idea...

Yes, I have paws of a yeti. Yes, I'm one of those guys on whose wrist PRX 40mm looks subtle. Yes, I'm one of those guys who wears square G-Shock and i...

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commented on Is it weird to change watches through the dayโ€ฆ???? ยท

There are perfectly reasonable situations when youโ€™re expected to change your whole outfit. Then it should be also socially accepted to wear different watch. One which comes to mind is when you shit yourself.

So, if you feel bad about changing watches, just shit yourself every day few times. Then it will all look normal and expected by the society.

Jokes aside, I change watches multiple times a day. Mostly itโ€™s really changing daily wear watch for Apple Watch when doing any trackable physical activity (long walks, cycling etcโ€ฆ), but at times also I switch during the day between regular watches. If people start looking at me weird for it, Iโ€™ll simply shit myself.

commented on For the Sinn fans ยท

Your wrist size will likely better wear 856, and also 856 has Ar technology - while I *think* 836 does not?

I own two 856 models and I am seriously contemplating for a year now getting 836 for โ€œdressierโ€ occasions. So I get your problem here ๐Ÿ˜

commented on Am I right to warn a friend off buying an expensive PVC/DLC customized Rolex DJ 41mm? ยท

Thatโ€™s not what happens to PVD. Typically, it starts chopping away in patches. You donโ€™t get consistent scratches on it showing steel underneath - you get patches of missing color which slowly patch away further.

On the upside, black PVD (in contrast to gold which usually requires full re-coating) can be masked easily with those precision-fixers for car paint which come in small bottles with small brushes. ๐Ÿคฃ

None of this is a showstopper - not like his watch will lose value because patches of fallen PVD coating are masked with paint after being modded like this in the first place.

commented on Oil Filled Watches Anyone? ยท

Sinn is making oil filled Hydro tech watches since 1996 ๐Ÿ˜

commented on Rolex explorer/oyster perpetual alternative? I need your help! ยท

+1 for Traska.

Also, scratch-resistant layer on their stainless steel does work great.

commented on New Sinn U50 Hydro ยท

Neither did I - I literally went to check while writing my comment. It occurred to me they didn't exactly advertise the movement loudly and I wondered why.

I didn't yet need to replace the battery, but I am living in Germany so that is not such a big deal when time comes. For a watch enthusiast, it's kind of a privileged position to live in Germany or Switzerland; servicing and replacing your timepieces if something goes wrong is a breeze ๐Ÿ˜€

commented on New Sinn U50 Hydro ยท

I have GSG9 UX, and if I didn't have it - I would buy this one.

UX is a beast, both by specs but also by size and weight. I can wear it only on rubber strap honestly. This should be much more viable option to be worn on bracelet.

Also, edit: U50 Hydro seems to have lower grade movement - while UX has ETA 955.652 chronometer flatline movement, U50H has some seemingly Ronda movement. That's a pitty - for me personally at least, high precision quartz movement was a selling point for UX.

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