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Zenith Chronomaster Original variants

I鈥檝e always lusted after the Zenith Chronomaster Original, I think the tri-color dial is wonderful. But when I went to look at one in person, after li...

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commented on Sugess Chronograph and Zenith Chronomaster Original: Inspiration or Imitation?

Uh, that鈥檚 just a crappy knock-off. It takes some design elements direct from the Zenith, takes others and makes poor choices with them (the sub-dials), and the result is not very appealing, at least to me.

commented on Stopped by an AD for a little fun

Nice pictures! Thanks for posting.

commented on 馃毃First Rolex NWA馃毃 But I can鈥檛 wear it.馃槱

But it makes a great story. Cheers to the watch and to a speedy recovery.

commented on Buzz Aldrin's 94 today!

MoonSwatch on a StrapsCo canvas/leather shirt-length strap. Happy birthday Buzz!

commented on District Time 2024 (event, not meetup)

How do you only have 40 folllowers?!? People this is the original Time Bum, purveyor of quality affordable reviews for over a decade! Follow follow follow! And go to the event if you鈥檙e in the neighborhood.

commented on a post

I really like my Traska. Flyer GMT, and the hardened steel bracelet really works. The thing looks brand new, not a scratch on it, clasp is pristine. 38mm works great for me. Multiple color options available.

commented on Zenith Chronomaster Original variants

I have some travel coming up so I think I鈥檓 gonna stalk the airport duty free. I鈥檓 connecting in Dubai and I hear they have some good boutiques.

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This is actually pretty fun

So last night I was showing my wife some 鈥渘ew watch alerts鈥 and chortling to myself that people didn鈥檛 take long to get buying in 2024. 鈥淏unch of enab...