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SOTC 2023: Divers? We don't need no stinking divers!

Throwing my watch box into the fray. My first ever and last of the year SOTC! TLDR: 9 watches, and only one with a rotating bezel. Way too many fliege...

NWA!! Farer Resolute

I recently joined a tech giant in October after 12 years at a small engineering consulting firm. Did I do the normal thing and celebrate the new job b...

Farer US owners - import duties/taxes?

How much did you guys have to pay for import duty/taxes on your Farer? Farer said in an email that they cover duties but I wanted to get confirmation...

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commented on Which one to choose ·

That’s a nice looking Nomos Club knockoff, but with manageable lugs. At like $100 I wonder what the actual finish is like…

commented on Ladies watch recommendations ·

I don’t know if a women’s specific line would have enough demand for a microbrand to be able to justify the investment. This hobby skews very male.

That said, Kuoe primarily works with 34mm case sizes and I just saw that Kurono recently announced a 34mm model. Neither are marketed as a women’s watch though.

I also think 36mm watches could also be considered unisex. My wife has slender wrists and my 36mm Farer looks perfectly natural on her.

commented on Game: pick one watch that most represents each brand ·

Honestly I’m not sure if it’d be the Mark line or a big pilot.

commented on GADA watch ·

My two day-to-day watches. The IWC is perhaps more of a GADA in that it has 100m of WR while the Farer does not have a screw down crown, but the Farer can look a bit more dressy with a navy blue shell cordovan strap.

commented on Gift for wife who does not own a watch. ·

My wife occasionally rocks my 36mm resolute w a 41mm L2L. The stock strap is too thick for either of us but it looks great on her wrist when on this bright blue Delugs strap.

commented on NWA - IWC Big Pilot - Any more enthusiasts? ·

I have a 6.5” wrist and the Mark XX feels perfect - the lugs are a little more compact than the earlier editions. If you like the look it’s at least worth trying on at the AD.

commented on What are you eyeing to buy in 2024 ·

Yep. For the rest of us fair wristed folk there’s the Mark XX and the 41mm pilot chronos

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New Nomos Metro on the way?

Just came across this in my email. I’ve had my eye on their Metro Gangreserve for a while so consider my interest piqued.

Sizing help? Farer’s crazy short Lug to Lug dims

To celebrate a new job I’ve decided to treat myself to a Farer Resolute in either 36mm or 39mm. With a flat 6.5” wrist, I was looking at the 36mm, but...

Smaller Christopher Ward Twelve incoming?

Just popped up in my inbox. My ideal size sits somewhere between the 40mm and 35mm PRX, so this consider my interest piqued.

Spring Drive Service Frequency and Cost?

Hi all, I’ve been looking at GS for a bit and had the opportunity on my lunch break today to try on what I think is the best of their spring drive lin...

Happy Flieger Friday!

Just picked up a macro lens and having a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately I didn’t notice the reflection from the silver tripod knob until working on...