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30% funded in 12 hours!

Thanks for all your support! 馃コ check out our campaign on Kickstarter! http://kck.st/3LAfkSk
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We are live on Kickstarter now!

The big day is finally here! Our campaign is live. 馃コ 馃コ 馃コ http://kck.st/3LAfkSk Support us on Kickstarter!
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Campaign Live on Monday!

Nice Saturday evening! Our campaign is launching on Monday. Don't miss out our Early Bird price. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/unison-orbital/m...
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Unison_Watches commented on 30% funded in 12 hours!

No problem, really appreciate that you reached out. If you're interested, here is the link to the campaign:



Unison_Watches commented on 30% funded in 12 hours!

Hi Velomax

Am I a masochist? Hmmm, you got me thinking right there, lol. I do aware of the high failure rate of new Microbrands, most of them offer 1 or 2 models and then slowly fade away. But! to win the prize, one gotta buy the lottery first. This is me, 鈥渂uying the lottery ticket鈥.

Many Microbrands I came across before, are making homage designs (mostly divers) , from the big names. very rarely are they designing their own style. By no means they are bad products, I too like a black Submariner or Black Bay, but as a watch lover, I鈥檇 like to see something more original and unique on the market, instead of the same homage done a thousand times. When I see a uniquely designed watch, the next question I ask is about the specs and material. which is the next thing Unison focus on, to pair the unique design with decent material (within the affordable category of course) and movement. So the build quality does not fail the design.

That said, Unison Watches will keep pushing out original and unique designs, constructed with the best material within its price category. In the future, If the campaign succeeds and the business gets rolling, there will be 2 categories: a more affordable class (like the Model Orbital On Kickstarter right now), and a higher-end class (Swiss-made with elevated design and material).

For me, I started this quest fully knowing what I鈥檓 getting myself into. And I do believe I am better prepared than many previous brand founders. I鈥檓 an industrial designer by trade and it鈥檚 also my day job, so I have the technical know-how. I鈥檝e been in love with watches since middle school, I have the passion. Plus, me being a Chinese native speaker, there is no cultural and communication barrier with the factory/supplier whatsoever.

To answer your question on the minute repeater, the only thing I could say at this moment is, that everything is possible. In-house movement for rare complications like this is beyond my reach, but if you have a look at my sketchbook, you鈥檒l see a whole lot of unconventional designs that even an engineer will scratch his head.

Unison_Watches commented on Campaign Live on Monday!

Hi, the launching price will be $550 CAD, Early Bird price will be $499 CAD. You can find all the specs here:


Unison_Watches commented on Sunny afternoon 馃尰 with Model Orbital

Hey! Thanks! Glad that you liked it 馃槈

Unison_Watches commented on Reviewing the new OVD F/01

Nice blue!

Unison_Watches commented on What are we looking for in a Microbrand?


Unison_Watches commented on Tuesday wrist shot

Hey, right now they haven't been officially launched, it'll launch on Kickstarter later March. Both color options will be available.

I'll be posting updates here and on instagram.

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Sunny afternoon 馃尰 with Model Orbital

Finally some sunshine hitting Toronto! From all the snow we've been getting... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/unison-orbital/model-orbital-uniso...
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Kickstarter campaign coming soon!

Currently sent for review, hopefully, everything will be ready to start the pre-launch by the end of next week. Fingers crossed 馃 馃 馃 https://unisonwa...
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Tuesday wrist shot

Back to work from the long weekend.
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Wrist shot

Happy Monday everyone! #wotd #wristcheck #wristshot #microbrand #unisonwatches
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Kickstarter campaign: What's your opinion and what makes you trust one?

Hi Everyone, I will be launching the new Model Orbital on Kickstarter, even though I have invested my own money in the production, I still need crowdf...
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Hello from Toronto! --Unison Watches

Hi everyone, this is Yuebai from Unison Watches, a new Microbrand I've been working on for almost 2 years. Some of you may have seen me on instagram a...
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