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7.30” / 18.54 cm Wrist
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Scurfa Release

For those who are looking for Scurfa

Watches and Cars

I have no idea whether anyone has done this before but I enjoy both watches and cars so I was thinking about which car companies remind me of watch co...

Type B

I love type b fliegers. Mysterious Code 40mm titanium, full-lume, mecaquartz.  San Martin 39mm, exc lume, 200m, YN55. 

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commented on Why are G-Shocks so special? ·

It's a GShock thing. If you don't get it you don't get it.

commented on Question: Faux Patina Yay or Nay? ·

Scam? What scam?

commented on Best under 80€ watch? ·
commented on Avoiding Certain Brands ·

IOW, you have no experience with a brand yet you manage to give an involved opinion of it. Here's what you should have written - "Has anyone had experience with (insert brand)?" Then I would've answered "Yes, I've bought a couple dozen watches from Aliexpress and every one has been good. Never a problem." See how much more you'd know if you asked a question instead of writing things you don't know about?

commented on Do you have more than 3 watches from a single brand in your collection? ·

I have 6 from Escapement Time, 4 Invictae, do Casios count? Too many to count. LOL

commented on The watch I bought for my 30th birthday! ·

Pitzmann def one of the very best microbrands. That is a stunning watch. Congratulations!

commented on Let’s be honest about Grand Seiko. ·

Simple - skip GS and go straight to Credor.

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Couldn't Resist

Was in Walmart. Case width 36.5mm on my 7.3"wrist. Got this on close-out for $11. There's always room for one more Casio. 

Laundry Day

I love to feel elegant on a casual Tuesday laundry day. 😂 This one will do until I make my first billion. Cheers!


Had to try this. NH35, 200m, sterile, 36mm, 7.25" wrist. Seems very nice for $55.

Saturday 5

These happened to be grouped together this morning and I noticed the variety. A bit of everything. Then I totaled up and realized I kinda have a compl...

I Had to Know

I had to get a Pro Diver to satisfy myself about Invicta. I liked it so much I got another. I'd been looking at two-tone watches and came across this...

Jolly Old England

Just a small favor for us in the US from Ms. Truss - Scurfa prices are way down. I took advantage. Great tool watch. I'm very happy with it.