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6.61” / 16.80 cm Wrist
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Too much vintage/vintage inspired watch?

I really like vintage and vintage inspired watches. I know dealing with vintage watches has its ownsets of problems as it may be franken or overpolish...


Have anyone completed their collection? Or is it just an endless rabbit hole?

My 4 piece SOTC!

What do you think of this SOTC? 1.) Baltic Aquascaphe 2.) Hamilton Khaki Field 3.) Timex Marlin Snoopy 4.) Casio World Time Please comment what should...

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commented on Completed ·

Less is more!

commented on Completed ·

Next please!

commented on My exit watch and the exit watches that followed 🤪 ·

Yes the exact reason why it is my exit watch😬

commented on Best Women's Watches Article ·

I’m praying everyday to have a all wildcard level 5 piece collection 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

commented on My exit watch and the exit watches that followed 🤪 ·

My exit watch is still trying to find an exit… probably a JLC reverso tribute with the red dial😋

commented on Completed ·

To be continued😎

commented on Completed ·

The Batman and Sub are the Cinderalla pieces. only available when my friends are in town🤭

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Diver on leather?

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Strap Rant!!😤

98USD from Artem Straps. Supposedly to be a premium quality sailcloth water resistant strap. But only 20 months of wear, and not a daily. How it happe...

It’s Poll Time!

This or That
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I’ve got a confession to make

I’ve sinned… My dive watch is an expensive fidgets. When i’m wearing it i will spin it unknowningly. During meetings if it gets too boring i will star...

Are we still living in the past?

History, heritage and provenance. This has made the famous names of the submariner, speedmaster, santos etc. We rave and adore those designs for as lo...

Does non-hacking bothers you?

I understand that some watch does not hack and i am not ocd for my watch to start at the right second. But does it bothers you when the watch cost 5 grand and above and does not hack? I’m not sure abo...
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