I Had to Know

I had to get a Pro Diver to satisfy myself about Invicta. I liked it so much I got another. I'd been looking at two-tone watches and came across this one. Couldn't turn it down for $75 brand new with 3 year warranty. I think it is stunning. The quality is far above the price point. Very nice divers, imo. I don't like many of their designs but the 40mm Pro Diver is a nice watch.


I own a couple. The ones with Swiss movements. I don't really see anything wrong with them... They do seem to have a bad rep mostly undeserved. HOWEVER... You can forget about that three or warranty.. because service is absolutely HORRIBLE to deal with.


They definitely look way above their price point. I was thinking about the 1953 as a potential purchase? Feel like I need an Invicta!