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Watch Movements as Art?

I met an enterprising craftsman at an art fair recently. Turning unrepairable watch movements into pendants, rings, and pins for their own innate beauty. She’s received criticism from “watch guys.” (“...
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I need some movement Help

I am looking at possibly purchasing a Mido TV Big Date. But in doing my research I come across a possible issue with the movement. It has a Automatic...

“The Wobble” Valjoux 7750 - Showing mine, let's see yours!

Let’s see your watches with the 7750 movement or 77xx derivatives, and hear your thoughts about them. After everything that has come and gone in my lo...

"New" movement for the ALBA

I managed to win a replacement movement for the ALBA on ebay, and the original seller of the watch compensated me for it. Since this movement has been...

Winding manual watch question

Just got a new (well, old) grand Seiko manual wind (4520-8000)- my first manual wind. Winding it up, I’m not meeting the resistance yet, but after a f...

How do you tell movements apart without mafacturer statement?

I'm someone whose into vintage watches both for their looks and price, though a question that constantly boggled me is how does one identify the movem...

Strange marks on a seiko 6R35. Should I be worried ?

Just noticed this on the movement of my SPB259. Looks something has been rubbing on it Should I have a professional look at it ?

A More Perfect Machine

Question for all my fellow Watch Crunchers: When you hack/set your mechanical or automatic watch, do you expect the minute hand to line up perfectly a...

2836-2 movement in a Rolex?

Evening all, I’m pretty sure I know the answer but I it never hurts to ask a question. Has Rolex ever used the 2836-2 movement in any of their watches...


Call for help to the movements buffs on here. What is this movement?