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Serica 5303 or Vulcain Skindiver ?

Good evening everyone, After purchasing my Baltic I am already preparing the acquisition of the future piece (the mental illness that we all share) Th...

New Tissot PR516 just dropped

We feel that the seiko speedtimer has been there haha What do you think ?

New obsession

I tried this little beauty a few days ago and I can't stop thinking about it... But hey, 8500e ? With only 50m wr ? Even if it's titanium it's still a...

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commented on TOjasmin's WRUW

Almost perfect tbh

commented on Let鈥檚 see your first mechanical watch! (If you still have it)

This little fella, but it almost never wear it so I gift it to a friend

commented on SOTC

Quite a perfect collection imo ngl

commented on Vostok 170548 PAMphibia | This Sassy Siberian Secondsmeter Has Got it Going On馃憣

Some zrc vibe here ! Love it

commented on New Tissot PR516 just dropped

Yeah me too lmao

commented on New Tissot PR516 just dropped

Niiiiice !

commented on TOjasmin's WRUW

6,2 inch :)

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New Seikos just dropped

What do you think of these ? I love the evolution of the speedtimer And these 2 presage dial are stunning

The four horsemen

I have many others watches but i think i could stay with these forever (before the next temptation of course) We have a field/gada, a chrono, an every...

Finally why not

Maybe it's a little small but i love it

What do you think of the Hamilton Ventura?

I must say that I find it quite attractive even if the price is a bit steep. As a one statement piece in the collection it is consistent