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New Chrono

This is pretty nice......
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SuperD_21 commented on Congrats to FARER | Win this watch! ·

Love Farer, one of the first microbands that I really got excited about.  I prefer there Aldrich world timer. 

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What are you selling it on??

SuperD_21 commented on Dials With Date Windows: Why All The Hate? ·
  1. I've always enjoyed a Day/Date function on watches and frequently use mine. I will say there is something to be said about having a watch where you can thoroughly enjoy the face of the watch.  A Grand Seiko or a quality fleiger watch really doesn't need it.
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I'm looking for one currently 

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The Shosho

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First post on WatchCrunch.... pleasant surprise

Like most I really enjoy YouTube watch reviews. Many times I notice a certain entry level watch receiving high praise. Which in return has me like "wh...
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