Congrats to FARER | Win this watch!

Update: the winner is @Jimmer ! 聽Congrats 馃帀

Hats off to @Fareruniversal 聽for dominating the microbrand challenge. Thanks to @AllTheWatches for hosting the contest.

To commemorate this occasion, WatchCrunch is giving away this Farer Stanhope II limited edition to one lucky Crunch member!

Who are you rooting for to win next year?聽

Watch the video to find out how to enter!


Max, you magnificent bastard! I'm in....This is awesome and an awesome watch.

I was already a fan of this watch but the video has completely won me over. If only I could buy one...

Thank you for your generosity for offering up such a fabulous piece!

Microbrands have really shaken up the watch market in recent years, offering up such good value for money... Only a good thing imo!

Cheers again

When I saw the reflections of the on those 3,9&12 numerals - I fell in love right away. A great attention to detail that really pops.聽

The mini second subdial also gives that speed vibe which I鈥檓 a big fan of! 聽

Lastly the size and dimensions is just right for my 鈥渟mol鈥 wrists :D聽

Thanks for sharing and Best wishes from your Thailand Fan! 聽 (Sam)聽

This is AWESOME!!!!! I would be soo happy if I won it! Great video as always!

Congrats to Farer, and to the lucky future winner of this piece!!

What a lovely looking watch!

That watch is just gorgeous! 聽

All hail @AllTheWatches!!!

classy design聽

I鈥檝e had my eye on Farer a while. In the microbrand zone I鈥檝e really only picked up Zelos watches. 聽

I love the bracket idea! Commenting for a chance to win the superb Stanhope ;)

If Farer hadn't already sold all of these, they would sell more after this video. 聽

I've been a big fan of their chronographs for some time now. I'll have to keep my eye on Farer because they've been making some amazing watches.

Thanks for the video! 聽No question the watch is nice and worthy of the win, your video convinced me of this. 聽My only complaint is the water resistance; yes I know that isn't the point but I think they can do better there.

For some reason, I was never really a fan of their watches, but I must admit that this video made me reconsider my views. This is definitely a big win for the brand.