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Speedy/ seiko Tuesday

Some coins I’ve had for a very long time top one should be of interest to seiko fans

For sale

I went to my local jewelers to take my wife’s engagement ring and her watch for a service and while I am not unknown to them. Two omegas a grand seiko...

New watch day

It’s been a long morning waiting for the post man Two completly impulse buys I had promised myself to stick to the plan and no more impulse buys but h...

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commented on Wrist debut for my first DIY-assembled watch ·

You have done a great job I’ve done a few and the joy in finally getting the second hand fitted is almost worth the swearing and annoyance fitting them causes 😂 I think only two out of five had undamaged second hands 🫣 I started off big and made a few pannari looking ones these were much easier than the 36mm explorer types I put together. So congratulations on getting to a working watch without it driving you around the bend. You’ve done a great job with the hands. I gave mine away to friends and family. They make nice personal gifts

commented on The family watch ·

Love my seamasters one of the best watches you can buy at any price and that summer blue is even nicer

commented on This Watch, That Watch on the Monta Skyquest GMT ·

Has become one of my favourite things to watch. Always well thought out intresting content. Reminds me of Pete McConvile in that it’s rarely a watch review but always interesting

commented on How many times do you rotate your ⌚? ·

All depends Friday I changed my watch three times because I couldn’t decide which one to wear. Normally I put on a different one every day. But last year I wore my speedmaster every day and through the night for just over three months. I wish I could have just the one watch I like the idea of that but I know I couldn’t 🫣

commented on Cartoon watches ·

I like the Kermit but first would be an omega snoopy. I don’t mind witch but It would keep mickey company in my watch box

commented on If you have the money, what's the one most expensive watch you would buy? ·

I can’t afford it but I’d absolutely be happy sleeping on the couch with it

Or the floor hell even a bed of nails 😊

commented on If you have the money, what's the one most expensive watch you would buy? ·

Either a gold VC overseas blue dial or green duel time or a gold speedmaster.i would wear either of these daily. So many watches I’d like to think I’d get but to be honest I’d be stopping at this level and admire the Greubel Forsey and the like as the art work they are.


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It’s a old question -is it a hobby or an addiction

The last month I’ve been thinking of selling off my whole collection except for two watches. My speedmaster would be staying but I just couldn’t decid...

Nice surprise

This came through the post. A nice surprise from Grand Seiko. I’ve never had anything just sent out by any other brands before 😊

Three watch collection

I’m at a lose end and decided to write down the latest part of my collection journey partly to see if I’m not the only one going through this and part...

New watch day

Well I jumped into a Grand Seiko and I couldn’t be happier 😊 Has any mentioned the polishing 😂