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It arrived a day early…..

…..and do I love it 😍  I got this, on a fantastic deal, in place of the Samurai I had to return twice. I am a massive hypocrite though! I swore I wou...

UK micro brand discount……

…..some fabulous looking watches in their collections. Check them out, but be quick for the discount.    You also used to get £50 off next order for s...

Is there such a thing as a strap length protocol?

With the latest acquisition of replacement straps, my Barton Elites came with two lengths supplied. If I’d have had to state one size or the other whe...

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commented on It arrived a day early….. ·

I’ve tried doing that before without luck but the thinking here was I’d go for a sapphire too. 

commented on It arrived a day early….. ·

I might change it for a Barton & I do have some NATO’s (that I was getting for another watch) that may work too - we’ll see 

commented on Is there such a thing as a strap length protocol? ·

The beauty of the Barton strap is the notch in the end allows you to engage the keeper and keep the strap in place. They design their straps so you can engage that keeper when on the last hole so it saves it ’missing’ the keeper, as mentioned by @complication This always provides some of the strap protruding through.

Its a bit cooler today so I have on the second one today.

commented on Timegrapher...update ·

I don’t know about the app but the watches look stunning 👌🏻💥

commented on Is there such a thing as a strap length protocol? ·

Superb 😂

commented on A strap success? ·

You know with that pop of yellow, the black/yellow Barton would go well with it……that’s not say that this canvas one doesn’t, especially if you’ve got the black buckle underneath too 👌🏻

commented on A strap success? ·

Never considered it but forgot their was a bit of red on the dial 

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I nearly went to bed wearing this!

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Wrong spring bar length 🙄

One of the Barton straps I recently bought left me playing with it for an age trying to get it to fit before I finally realised it had the wrong size...

I’ve come to a decision on YouTubers

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1WC update - no Samurai ☹️

So I thought the best I might get through with this challenge was a couple of days as I had a Seiko Samurai Save the Ocean on order and I probably wou...

My Barton’s have arrived

Really pleased with my recent Barton Elite purchases. The blue on the Steeldive is only temporary and is meant for another watch yet to arrive. I did...

And the collection continues to grow! (Updated)

Following on from yesterday’s post, I’ve managed to get the bracelet on…… …..and wow! I think it’ll be stopping on this for while to come. The picture...