ABC watches, GPS watches, do you need them? Do you own them? do you swear by them?


So back in 2019 I picked this up, I was planning on being out in the wilderness every weekend and wanted to condense tools down to wrist, then the pandemic happened. And since then I have developed a taste for watches of call kinds, 3 years later this thing has been worn all of 3 times or something in the like. Prior to this I wore an apple watch and was going to switch to a  suunto but missed an amazing deal on one and went with this instead. So a friend of mine saw this and said... thats a watch I would have been into when I was 19, I was a little taken aback because for me a watch is largely a tool, sometimes it's a tool for looking good but never the less. 

Do you guys have any experience with ABC watches (altimeter, barometer, Compass) are they useful for civilians like us? Ray Mears wears a rolex sub... is all this stuff just fluff to get us to open our pockets imagining were outdoor survival experts. Has anyone got any genuine use out of it, if everest was to be conquered today... would they still pick a rolex? or something like this? This comes back round to dive watches for diving/pilots watch for flying, I suppose this is todays field watch and if I was in the military in the field I would likely pick something like this as a backup tool. 

P.s. I still carry a little pocket compass nearly everywhere because they are super handy for someone who is always out exploring.

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