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Let's see your marathon watches... the race not the brand.

Hey all, Finished a half marathon in Dec, running my first marathon in may and I have hounded my dad about how they went about training and such in hi...

What can you tell me about this?

Hey guys just got this from my mom, my dad’s watch he stopped wearing decades ago. I know nothing about this brand take it it’s a “unisex” watch. Appa...

Vacation: Ambient Temperature and accuracy

So i have been here in Ghana about 1.5 weeks and I’ve noticed something… my watches are more accurate! Generally in the uk i was getting a variance of...

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commented on Ride out with the Pelagos 42 ·

Mate they didn't even make it a mile down the road and then they dumped the bike, but it was a write off. I accept it as some cosmic intervention I had just had a kid and Covid hit after so I didn't need to commute anymore. But those 2 years of commuting from Milton Keynes to Oxford Circus were the best experience, I learned to ride in some tough conditions... loved every second of it.

commented on Ride out with the Pelagos 42 ·

Oh man is that a triumph tiger, I had the XR 800 from 2017 to 2019. (it got stolen) I tested a bunch of watches on it. Love the pelagos too!

commented on Casio X NASA collab ·

I have the same.

commented on 🎉World Time UK - Meetup 🎉 ·

@DeeperRed Won't be able to make it this weekend I'm afraid, gotta do overtime on the animation job... the life of a freelancer! Take lots of photos for me please, i want to live vicariously through you all!!!

commented on How to be superlative without making such a big story out of it, or why I like my GW-M5610U so much. ·

Don't like all the text, thats why i picked this one. also the bluetooth makes it +/- 0 worldwide, with the radio for backup and adds some nice functions that are actually kinda handy when i use them in a pinch. definitely the best watch for me personally and ironically I picked it up cos it was on sale and did 0 research, everything after this was ultimately disappointing in some way only downside negative display, fixed by the light and solar to charge the battery. no complaints.

commented on Overrated watch Features. Who needs That? ·

Some of these comments are hilarious.

Light/Lume: My phone goes in living room when I go to bed I got 2 options for bed G-shock or Watch with lume, I've learned to just use g shock because when not wearing my mechanical watch i've knocked it off the night stand before, but lume for checking if it's 3 am or 5 am and it's time to get up is king. Alarm, non optional I have a child and she sneaks into my bed every night and i gotta get out of bed like it's an SAS operation.

I did try a bedside clock with a light... the light was way too bright so I put it in the living room now... next to the phone.

Date: used once a day at home, used 10-20 times in the supermarket when checking the use by date on an item, why can i keep todays date in my short term memory, because that part of my brain was cannibalised to facilitate being a parent.

power reserve: meh, I have a watch with 42 and a watch with 70 i like that I can test the accuracy thats about it, wish my solar g shock had one though, gotta use the app (bluetooth) annoying but not a dealbreaker.

WaterResistance: I used to swim with a 30m quartz chrono years ago because i didn't know I wasn't supposed to... works fine. Do I like the water resistance though yes, less so for diving more so for water sports like surfing.

Moonphase... pretty, I do have a telescope but I see no need for it. Suppose it's an essential in werewolf country.

Sunrise/Sunset Times: this one i suppose is on the digital side, I like a lot, I forget to check and sometimes, applications:



phone does this one.

Day complication- I NEVER need to check the day on the fly, the date sure, date never.

Month: WAI?


And today on totally useless in 2023-



24 Hour subdial... why? spelunking?

I used to think a GMT was the most essential thing ever, but i have very clear memory of my dad just doing the math for the time zones... still does... my dad wears a casio royale (world timer,gift from my sister)... he has 0 idea how to work it... uses the stopwatch though when he runs.

GMT still on the fence, my maths sucks first thing in the morning.

Hate the Cyclops on my seiko 5 GMT with a passion.

commented on What is your grab and go? (Quartz and Solar only) ·

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