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Robair ·

Weekend away with the ssk003

I put all my watches in the box and every instinct urged me to take the alpinist hiking and camping and I thought about it the entire weekend but in t...
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Robair ·

Seiko 5 GMT first outing. Low Light Test Review Notes part 1

Took it to the movies. As I've probably mentioned i'm a storyboard artist so sometimes I take notes in movies with a little journalist notepad using t...
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Robair ·

SOTC 2022

Been wearing this alpinist soo long I forgot what else I own... Spread over 20 years of so, with most coming int he last 3
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Robair commented on Weekend away with the ssk003 ·

Honestly with ever wrist shot it felt weird to not be wearing it and i actually ended up missing it a lot but I suppose being a special edition it’s probably good to give it some breaks but it has certainly made it hard for all my other watches. First thing I did when I got back was check the alpinist and see what time it stopped. How can I be so attached to it. It is nice to have a bezel to time things though. Great getaway I was injured the whole time Though. I’ll look at your post now. 

Robair commented on Seiko 5 GMT first outing. Low Light Test Review Notes part 1 ·

Hahaha, Honestly i respect the tuna... but it's not for me, it's wonderfully toolish but my next quartz will be a spring drive, my go to quartz is my g shock for these things definitely a bidirectional bezel for everyday use. But i'll keep it in mind. lol 

Love the alpinist tooo! It still gets the most wrist time. GMT is a fun summer watch though, nice for travelling and wont be impossible to replace if it gets damaged while i'm out galavanting in europe. 

Robair commented on Diver on Leather ·

Technical foul but theres no referee so do what you like! Be a rebel!!!

only downside is you couldn‘t get it wet without wrecking the strap. Sailcloth or Canvas straps that appeal but leather just looks so damn good. Leather zulu straps… beautiful. 

Robair commented on Seiko 5 GMT first outing. Low Light Test Review Notes part 1 ·

More or less same as sumo. Stayed lumed The whole film. Here’s a lume shot As you can tell. It’s up there with zelos mako and sumo. 

Robair commented on Motorcyling with mechanical watches ·

Been curious about this myself, thanks for asking. Wi'll be watching this thread. 

Robair commented on The One Watch Challenge: Why are you in or out? ·

before 2019 the notion of changinf watches would not have even occurred to me. As I’ve said before I  have been doing this challenge since November. My girlfriend at the time made the argument why not buy one watch to rule them all (I pointed out there there like 16 rings of power) but asked her why not own one pair of shoes for every occasion. She checks the time with her phone she doesn’t wear a watch. Anyway when the challenge came up I wondered if I could push it further but then it went from want to, to to have to. I know I can wear the same watch for years. I have done. This was an experiment in whether I would again. The answer is probably no 2-3 watches definitely. My 1 watch has tripled in price since purchase and replacing it would not be something that would make financial sense. This weekend I’m off to wales to camp in a forest with A friend he’ll be wearing the g shock square I made him buy. I’m that friend who ropes other friends into his hobbies. I test the waters and give them the advice. in this forest sure I will like have my Alpinist and take a g shock just in case but I will not be wearing the Alpinist for all activities. I was about to make a post about this to be transparent. I’m going out there to get from tech so I won’t have internet.  I won’t be posting on watch crunch but I will be taking pictures. I have not bonded with my mudmaster in any way and have considered selling it for 2 years but I loved the Alpinist while climbing snowdon and wore this last time in wales with my g shock square in my backpack as a backup. This might be a great opportunity to use the mudmaster and I wonder if I wouldnt have given it a second thought if not for the contest. 

i really do want a hat 🧢 and I was going to bribe everyone else to drop out by offering to create art work of the 1 watch they chose 1 because I want to get into drawing watches anyway and 2 So we could all be winners. Whatever happens I’ll be disqualified I imagine I already am because I missed the first day it wasn’t about that though it was about doing something to with this community, I’m a wall flower. I’m very confident as a person but I usually prefer to observe than interact and I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring for once. 

At least after this weekend I’ll know if I’m going to get rid of the mudmaster and stick to my square for all rugged activities, I’d like to prune the collection and I know the Alpinist will be saying. 

p.s this competition has delayed my review of the Seiko 5 gmt that I somehow got before everyone else on the planet it seems 😂 

Robair commented on Your thoughts on 2 hands watch? ·

I don’t have one on my mécha quartz chrono. Fine with it. Because it’s a chrono so if I need to time something I can. But personally all my other watches have seconds hands because I do a lot of things that I track by the second, I work in animation so I use my watches to roughly act out a motion, or when I’m cooking, making sure my daughter is brushing her teeth for at least 2 min, or rest intervals/stretching at gym, running Intervals While jogging, taking my pulse. 


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Robair ·

Seiko 5 GMT

Sister wanted to buy me a Birthday present... for October so I said this...
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Robair ·

Custom colours on a nato?

Anyone know anyone who makes nato's? or how hard it is to make them?
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Robair ·

Need help with casio restoration: Calling G shock Connoisseurs

So my daughters grandfather is an OG casio wearer he wore the Original G shock throughout his kids lives and when he saw mine he started to reminisce,...
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Can anyone Identify this watch worn by Sir David Attenborough?

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Watches and Motorcycles… let’s rap.

For 2 years I fulfilled a lifelong desire and I lived and breathed motorcycling (25000 miles) It got stolen. I had a kid and a pandemic happened and I...
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ABC watches, GPS watches, do you need them? Do you own them? do you swear by them?

So back in 2019 I picked this up, I was planning on being out in the wilderness every weekend and wanted to condense tools down to wrist, then the pan...
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Robair ·

Top gun. No spoilers. Pilot watches.

Hey all, I had to wear this to the movie as you understand why. For anyone who seen the film there are some watches that all the pilots seem to be wea...
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