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Bzilla ·

Thrift score yet again

I saw a Casio box at a thrift store jewelerly counter yesterday but I couldn't see the watch because it was overturned. I haven't had a Casio that cam...
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Bzilla ·

They do the same thing!

I get a ton of comments when I wear that G Shock. The only people that notice the Seiko have been 1. One of my coworkers, who likes watches. He studie...
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Bzilla ·

Got a cool Timex

I've been eyeing a few different Timex watches but didn't want spend more than 90 bucks on one. I wasn't feeling the selection at the target for me, t...
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Recent Comments

Bzilla commented on TOKYO2020 SWATCH Field Cast(Volunteer) limited version ·

Yeah the one without date looks better.

Bzilla commented on Summer vacation in west Japan with my Seiko Solar Arnie ·

That's  great vacation watch! 

Bzilla commented on Flex your favorite G-Shocks ·

I have other G Shocks, but the DW-6900 is straight up one of my favorite watches of all time. Super basic, but so good! 

Bzilla commented on Steeldive SD1975T Seiko 'Tuna Can' homage ·

Wow that looks so good!

Bzilla commented on They do the same thing! ·

Both are really cool watches. Idk man, sometimes I see really good practical watches like that DaMasko and I won't say anything, I think, that is a serious person who doesn't have time for my nonsense. 

Those are like the Nikes of the watch industry. the latest swatch thing barely made it into the nonwatch world. And Rolex is The Watch for most people. Weirdly getting into watches has made me admire Rolex more, both from a technical/craft point of view and from a marketing/brand point of view. 

Bzilla commented on They do the same thing! ·

Completely agree that watches are obsolete. But I also notice a lot of apple watch people end up jumping to traditional watches, even to try them out. Just a few weeks ago i met a 7 year old kid whose parents told me that they never take their watch off (a digital timex)  I've had a watch since I was a little kid, but I my taste tends to be into the outre. 

Once while watchless (rough couple of weeks that was!) I tried carrying a pocket watch I got as a piece of a costume. It was kinda cool. Then again I'd wear a top hat too, because I thought that was funny. I kept my watch in the little outside pocket of my leather jacket and just go about my day, top hat cocked at a rakish angle. The reactions I would get from people were priceless. Terribly impractical hat BTW.

Bzilla commented on In Praise of Generic Swiss (Pt. 2) ·

Great post! 

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Bzilla ·

Thrift score

Got that Citizen for 70 bucks and the Casio for 6 today. The Casio could use some polywatch, but it's still so cool. The Citizen was a big swing for m...
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Bzilla ·

Some of the collection

All of my G Shocks and my Pro Trek. I still want a Rangeman 🤪 i dyed that green one myself but do miss the original color, I could always get a new be...
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Bzilla ·

The second red Casio I've had

Hit up the Wind Up Watchfair yesterday and ended up getting this sweet piece, mainly because they were offering a couple of goodies to go along with i...
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Bzilla ·

How many angels can breakdance on a SR626SW

Is everyone still doing their opinion on quartz vs mechanical watch posts? Here's my conclusion, which I think many will find explains a lot. I apprec...
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Bzilla ·


In an other strike against the Invicta Pro Diver, I got a rash from wearing it on a hot and humid day. At least i looked cool at that 4th of July cook...
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Bzilla ·

Thrift score!

I got this watch at a thrift store for 25 dollars, an okay price, on jomashop it's listed for around $100 and it looks like it ranges from 60 to 75 on...
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Bzilla ·

Thrift store score

Saw this Fossil at a thrift store by me today, $25 bucks, solid feeling metal, pretty cool. The price was right, but still a gamble. Luckily I got it...
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