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Timex Ironman Review

I've been wanting to try out a digital watch that isn't by Casio for a while, of course the watch had to be under 50 smackers, easily availble, and fr...

Timex Ironman TWSM9500

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The Pope Wears a Swatch

Recently found out that Pope Francis wears a Swatch similar to this one: I might grab one. It...
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Watching the NY Philharmonic

So I had to put on something sorta fancy. Sometimes I think I should pass this Citizen on, it's so weird. But I most of my collection is a bit eccentr...
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Bzilla commented on Seiko SNE179 Core Railroad-Approved solar ·

Whoa this is a really cool watch! 

Bzilla commented on My Black Friday bargain (a short essay) ·

$85 for 200g (!) Amazing! Very cool watch!

Bzilla commented on When you get a massive scratch on your watch, what do you do? ·

Oof to the way it got scratched! I have no idea how many times I've handed my watch to someone without thinking about it! I'm usually all like, "try it on bro!" But that's always a one on one situation. Of course on the rare times someone hands me their watch I have my absolute focus on that alone, and there's been a couple of times where I've been insistent it stay on the other person's wrist. 

I usually I don't notice when I scratch my watch until after it happened. Of course my watches tend to be more modest in price and there's a great chance I'm wearing a g shock anyway.

Bzilla commented on Help with battery change ·

Very cool! I bet there's a ton of videos on youtube if you type in model number on the back of the g shock. I've use vinegar to clean battery acid off like flashlight contacts, but watch stuff like that is a bit daunting to me because it's so small!

Bzilla commented on Universal Geneve Shadow Range ·

I haven't heard of these watches, but they look super sharp!

Bzilla commented on Anyone else love cool Casios? ·

Hard to beat casio for coolness. I got a ton of them! 

Bzilla commented on SOTC ·

Ooh solid line up all around!

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Pro Diver Review

I got this Invicta Pro Diver at TJ Maxx a few months ago, half because I wanted to try an auto diver, half because ooh shiny. The lady working the cou...

Invicta Pro Diver 32503

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A biased review of a big shiny g shock

"That is so Kanye." A coworker on seeing this watch. "Ludicrous. Ludicrous!" My friend. "Es ese reloj?!" Both of my parents at separate times. An okay...

Casio G-Shock GD-100GB

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Bzilla ·

All my current Casios

I have no idea how it got to this point.
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Some of the collection

From left to right: Citizen chronograph. Pretty cool, despite it's dated looks. Thrift store find! It's so weird! Totally doesn't fit in with anything...
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Thrift score yet again

I saw a Casio box at a thrift store jewelerly counter yesterday but I couldn't see the watch because it was overturned. I haven't had a Casio that cam...
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They do the same thing!

I get a ton of comments when I wear that G Shock. The only people that notice the Seiko have been 1. One of my coworkers, who likes watches. He studie...
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Got a cool Timex

I've been eyeing a few different Timex watches but didn't want spend more than 90 bucks on one. I wasn't feeling the selection at the target for me, t...
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