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Another Casio Review

I read somewhere that this Casio is a mix between the "Mission impossible" and the Casio Royale, and ever since then I have dubbed the 291H the Missio...

Casio DW-291H

4.0 Avg. Score

GA700BWP-2A first impressions

Since there's a lot of g shock collabs, I decided a I wanted a godzilla one, but the ones I've found are way more than I'm willing to spend. One of th...

Jay and Kays adapters

Got a couple of pairs of strap adapters from Jay's and Kay's a few weeks ago and finally settled on putting them on my 6900. I tried them on a few g s...

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Bzilla commented on From racing to diving today!

I just got gran toursimo so I looked up some tracks from the game and now I keep getting YouTube recs of some really cool races, totally can see the appeal of the sport. Good watch choices!

Bzilla commented on Bertucci A-3PS Solar Field #13800

ooh that's a cool watch!

Bzilla commented on What is your next watch?

I might try one of those like addies dive or what have you watches for my new years watch. Or a fancy g shock, one of those steel 5600s. But then I could get a seiko Arnie which, or an automatic citizen

Bzilla commented on One on each wrist 馃榿

That aesop is really cool! Good choices, one fancy one super functional

Bzilla commented on My best Impulse Purchase in Watch Collecting.

I already had this one in blue, but still got this one anyway. It's not as bright white in person. I added the bull bars later, which I intended for another watch but didn't look good on that one.

Bzilla commented on Citizen Week

Nice price!

I got 2 citizens both are killer watches! I kinda want to get a third, maybe one of their automatics, but the ecodrive is so good!

Bzilla commented on Film Stars

Benicio Del Toro wears one in Sicario. And of course the g shock 6900 and 5600 are worn by countless movie heroes and villains

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I'm out of the 1WC/gotta like a stopwatch

I forgot to post to wruw yesterday. Ah well. Anyway, shout out to GW-M5610, I've always maintained it's a great watch. From the moment I opened up the...

Having a beer at a vegan deep dish pizza place.

Watches I saw today: The gray moonswatch on a random person, "i have four of them." I could see the glee through their hangover. My coworkers mostly w...

Casio DW-291H

Another Casio that's basically a G Shock Lite. I've been looking at the G Shock King because I'm twisted. Couldn't resist getting it. I read a descrip...

First impressions TRT-110H

This 32 buck Casio is a G Shock lite. Vibrating alarm is pretty subtle, took 2 of them going off to wake me, has 5 alarms. Tons of time zones. The mos...

This one is really cool

One of my coworkers got this badass G Shock. He comes up to me and says, "check this out! Got it for a great price!" After showing it to me he does th...

IF I were to do the one watch challenge

These are the ones I would consider. Many things in common, but most importantly all show the time while running functions. If I had to choose right n...

3 of them

Inspired by @brianmp21 post about redundancy. Like many of you, I have quite a few watches. Many of them are g shocks. Somehow I have 3 squares. From...