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Pelican Case Foam

Looking for a foam insert to store my watches that isn't 'pick n pluck', for my Pelican 1495. I see a few options online, but has anybody had a good e...

Tool Watches and Domed Crystals

Maybe I'm the minority, but am I missing something with crystal selections on tool watches? I find domed crystals, ie double dome, top hat, box, ECT,...

Watch Hunting for Someone Special

Alright Crunchers, I'm looking to get my wife a few watches, small collection, and realize I know very little about dressier watches or the ladies mar...

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commented on Sunday morning bass fishing in East Texas

Forgive me for double looking, but the cuff and gloves are screaming 'G-Man' to me. Hopefully you're well into east TX and not leaning towards Ft. Polk.

commented on Rikki_Tikki_Tock's WRUW

The Strap Tailor. This model is their single pass NATO.

commented on Rikki_Tikki_Tock's WRUW

Gotta love the 4Runner. Not pretty or modern by any means, but it's reliable. Driving it till the wheels fall off.

commented on llimanjaya's WRUW

Awesome watch. Tons of fun.

commented on New Casio release

Love digital reissues and love casio but I think they are trying to price way above their product.

commented on Watch Hunting for Someone Special

NWA inbound.

commented on Watch Hunting for Someone Special

Definitely some insight there. Went with something unisex is size, thin, and able to do everything she might want out of one. She may go down the rabbit hole, she may not. I'm just happy to have her in my life.

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What is your preferred AR coating location and why?

I'm curious as to others experiences with AR (anti-reflective) coating. Where do you prefer it to be applied to the crystal? I see quality brands applying it to varying degrees.
138 votes

Thoughts on Phiobos?

Havent seen this before. Most of their designs aren't my tastes, but this model is 馃敟. Has anybody tried one, or got to at least see one in person? Wh...