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Let’s see those Aurora lume shots!

I don’t have the best view of the northern sky up here on the mountain but we still got a pretty good show. Couldn’t help but snap a few lume shots.

First time seeing one in “the green”

I was pleasantly surprised. A nice TI case and beautiful green dial. The bracelet was comfortable. Just an all around nice fun watch.

The answer to Bilbos’s infamous riddle…

To answer Bilbo’s infamous riddle “what do I have in my pockets” My 30 year old Camel zippo, a brass Protec Runt reverse Tanto switchblade and my brow...

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commented on Lume fell out of the bezel on my Seamaster 300. High end fake or QC issue? ·

Well, I agree with you in theory. The reality is no watch is 100% Gada. My bathing suit got bleached by that pool as well as my hair. It was a freak thing.

commented on DON'T USE CRYSTALTIMES USA for your mod parts ·

I’ve purchased several parts from Crystal Times and received everything promptly and as described. I’ve also never been sent that message. Was your tracking number actually “recycled”?

commented on Ball engineer III marvelight ·

3!?! It must be difficult to cross your legs. 😂

Has anyone heard the joke about the Englishman attending his very first Baseball game?

The first batter hits a double and runs to second. The second batter strikes out. The third batter is walked. The Englishman is now very confused about the rules and turns to the person sitting next to him and asks, “I understand that the first batter hit the ball and the second batter missed, but why did the third batter walk to first base? The person responded, “Well, the third batter had four balls.” the Englishman stopped and thought for a second and then responded “I imagine that would make it very difficult to run, wouldn’t it?”

I’ll show myself out.

commented on Lume fell out of the bezel on my Seamaster 300. High end fake or QC issue? ·

I know what caused mine to flake. I was in a pool that was over 95F with too much chlorine in it for several hours at a time over a week. I did my best to rinse myself and the watch off after each pool session but now I know that no lume would stand up to those conditions.

commented on What is your grail watch’s biggest flaw? ·

Nobody will sell me one at retail…. Explorer 2

commented on Summer 🌞 ·

Loving this new green nato.

commented on Lume fell out of the bezel on my Seamaster 300. High end fake or QC issue? ·

No problems at all and I am hard on this watch.

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One of the rarest production Speedys on the Road Show

Just saw this on BBC Antiques Roadshow. It’s a Apollo/Soyuz commemorative Speedmaster one of 400-500 made. Released at the start of the Quartz Crisis,...

Not so hypothetical Watch Crunch Buy, Sell, Trade thread

I thought I would go ahead and start a thread dedicated to consolidating all of the various WTB (want to buy), WTS (want to sell), and WTT (want to tr...

NIB 20mm Omega NTTD strap available.

SOLD I got lucky and picked this strap up a few months ago direct from Omega. They are forever out of stock and hard to find even on the secondary mar...

Quick Daniel Craig interview about watches

My brief and sordid affair with a hot young thing. (A treatise about the NTTD and Seamaster 300)

Some of you might have seen my poll last week asking if I should sell my 2022 Seamaster 300 in blue and buy a watch I had always lusted after, a NTTD...

It’s crunch time…I have 12 hours to decide between a NTTD or new model blue Heritage Seamaster

I have the opportunity to pick up a full set NTTD on bracelet never worn with 4 years left on the warranty for 1000 under Watch charts “used excellent” value. It means I will have to sell my 300 herit...