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Blue Citizen diver

I loved this watch so much with the black dial I had to grab the blue model as well. I don鈥檛 have many blue watches but I really liked the shade of bl...


One of the two watches I always grab for are my Seiko Arnie remake and my Seiko king turtle. They are the two watches in my collection that just check...

Almost that time 馃懟

Only a couple more months for my favorite holiday and I have the perfect watch for that entire month. 馃巸 Gen 1 Seiko monster.

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commented on Mistermac's WRUW

Love it so much I have two of these and two black ones 馃槅

commented on Mistermac's WRUW

It鈥檚 a work horse for sure! So extremely light and comfortable as well. 馃馃徏馃憡馃徏

commented on Tight or loose?

I prefer my watches snug. 馃憡馃徏馃馃徏

commented on Is it weird to gift someone a worn watch?

I think it鈥檚 cool! I gave my little brother one of his first real watches as a gift and he wears it all the time and is into watches now. :)

commented on This is hard to write

Sending my condolences to you and the family. You have an angel watching above looking down smiling. 馃檹

commented on Mistermac's WRUW

The remake ? SNJ025

commented on Mistermac's WRUW

It鈥檚 a hard choice that鈥檚 why i ended up with both. 馃槀 Which Arnie are you looking at ?

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Seiko Cookie Monster !

Found this fitting. Gen 1 Seiko monster with the OG monster himself. Cookie Monster!! I am fortunate to own this beauty and also a gen 1 orange dial m...

Seiko SKX009

One watch I was extremely lucky to get and will never let go. Love this one.

Citizen NY0040

Can鈥檛 get enough of these citizens. I own a few different variations of this model and love them all the same. Look at that gorgeous lume.

The King.

This is the only white dial watch I own and man it鈥檚 a beauty. The Seiko King Samurai is definitely one that stands out from the rest of my divers. I...

Citizen Orca

First time I actually went swimming with a watch comfortably. I know most of my watches are made for diving and can withstand mostly anything I can th...

Monster classic.

Just pulled this old guy out to put a nato strap on it and fell in love all over again. With Halloween a few months away I thought it was appropriate.