My Collection with a Workable Rotation

The Casio Royale was my last purchase. The price for the steel bracelet model dropped so low I couldn't pass it up. I have not been able to focus on programming it though. I could wear it strictly as jewelry and nobody would know or care 馃槈

My Marlin, Bulova and Negroni Presage with domed crystals are in the watch box.

The seven watches in my rotation represent colour and variety. It is not a strict rotation because my Seiko5 needs to be worn or it stops. And my Khaki King 馃尮馃憫 Because: Happy Happy!! Joy Joy!!馃グ馃槀

I have no plans to purchase more watches. I also collect and enjoy perfumes, mostly niche, and they need to be replaced. My Watches are practically forever. They'll outlive me anyway.馃槂

Some styles I'd still enjoy having


So, big jump there. A watch from Moritz Grossman would be the pinnacle for me with a significant windfall. The engraving technique on the dial is called tremblage. It's all done by hand.

For a nice lottery win the Railmaster has been my idea of the perfect three hander for a long time.

The Redentore Ultra Black are rereleased quite regularly. It's pretty perfect too. If Amazon Canada carries the Baltany Linen dial under 75$ I'd enjoy the look.

I did have a handful of quartz Timex watches but I gave them to a local organization providing jobs for people coming off the street, disabled, disadvantaged or forgotten.

I'm sure they found good homes.馃槑

Thanks for checking out my humble accumulation.馃榿馃榾

Good stuff Ray. Well rounded collection.


Good stuff Ray. Well rounded collection.

Thank you!

I wish my life were as well put together as my collections of scents and watches 馃槃馃槈

Nice post Ray 馃榾 I'll need to pick your brains about fragrances some time. Been getting more into them myself recently but I'm just worried about stinking out the room 馃槄