First impressions: Studio Underd0g Desert Sky

I wanted to do a quick review of my latest addition to my collection which is the Studio Underd0g Desert Sky. I came in Contact with the brand online through various articles, pictures and videos. Since chronographs are my favourite kind of watches and I love wearing something unique and different I decided I wanted to try one of their watches when the preorder was available in last September.

Please note that this is my first review on here and in general, I just want to share my opinion on this one. Also I only have had this one for 5 days, so there is no long term experience etc.

After I got the package delivered and opened it up the first thing that jumped into my eyes was that bright and colourful dial.

It achieved exactly what I wanted it to: it immediately brought a smile to my face. It鈥檚 layering and the structure of the light blue surface give it an incredibly cool depth and livelyness. The colour -especially the blue tones- look a lot brighter in reality than I expected from the picture, but in a very good way. It also kind of changes depending on the surrounding light sources, looking best in natural sunlight.

On to the next point: the movement. Visible through the back is a mechanical Seagull 1901. A hand winding mechanical Columnwheel chronograph movement. Keeping In mind the prince of this watch a mechanical columnwheel chronograph movement is really a great deal. It operates smoothly, feels solid and works to a absolutely reasonable accuracy of around +6 sec a day. Also it looks nice even though there is not the most complex finishing applied. Only little downside here is that it is a little loud, as I can hear the watch ticking from an arm length away, with really doesn鈥檛 bother me, but could be a downside for some people.

Operating the chronograph function also feels great - which leads us to the next part:

The right side of the case presents the typical chronograph parts: two pushers and a crown in the middle. The Crown has the brand logo engraved, which is really nice and tasteful. The square pushers are unexpected highlights in my opinion. I love the feel and amount of pressure you need to start and stop the chrono, it really feels sting and durable while the reset pusher feels soft and smooth. Really appreciate those two.

The case is part polished, part brushed and made from stainless steel. It feels really solid and has a very nice weight to it. The lugs are a little shorter than I expected, but that only helps my pull this watch off as I am part of the itty-bitty-wrist-committee. At 13,6mm it is no slim watch by any means. At first I was afraid I would slam it against every door, tree, neighbour or whatever and scratch it, but after wearing it for a view days I kind of got used to it. Also the sapphire crystal gives enough scratch resistance to not be afraid of putting the watch on.

Last but not least is the strap:

The watch is fitted with a brown leather strap with a signed buckle. This strap was an absolute pleasure for me. It fits like a glove, is soft enough to sit comfortably but not too soft and doesn鈥檛 feel flimsy at all. Really great choice there!

To sum it all up:

I have gar the Desert Sky for only five days now but I am absolutely looking forward to many many more. I love the design with its bright colours, asymmetrical design witch makes it really pop on the wrist. It wears comfortably, is well balanced and even if I generally prefer a little slimmer watches, this one鈥檚 thickness doesn鈥檛 bother me at all.

Apart from the watch itself I also love what the brand itself stands for. A new breeze and pop of colour in a often very stiff and formal industry driven by a young team of creators.

Thanks to @Studio.Underd0g for the amazing work and I鈥檓 incredibly excited for what will happen in the next years.

Until then I鈥檒l wear my Desert Sky through the summer. Every time I look at my wrist I get the same result as the fist time I did: a smile on my face about this beautifully different piece 馃槏

Intense blue 馃挋 Love it!! Underdog is cool 馃槉 Enjoy your new piece!! And just in time for summer

Thanks for such a wonderful review, it means a lot! I鈥檓 glad you鈥檙e enjoying your watch 馃檶馃徏

All the best,


Oh wow didn鈥檛 know it鈥檚 that chunky hmmm

A good review. Very interesting and I like the watch!

Great review. I'm waiting for that same variant and am expecting it to arrive in June. Very anxious to see how it looks in person.

I know this might be a hot take but I like this more than the watermelon

Great review,like the outdoor pic.You are correct,that blue looks goood in the sunlight.

That is a THICC boi

Great informative review! Love the watch and congrats 馃鉂わ笍


Oh wow didn鈥檛 know it鈥檚 that chunky hmmm

Yeah, that was what gavee some pause...was about to go get one in their upcoming drop. I really wanted the mint chocolate chip!


Thanks for such a wonderful review, it means a lot! I鈥檓 glad you鈥檙e enjoying your watch 馃檶馃徏

All the best,


Thanks a lot. I do enjoy it greatly. Lovely to see that customers are important enough to you to answer them on a nerdy social media platform 馃槏


Great review. I'm waiting for that same variant and am expecting it to arrive in June. Very anxious to see how it looks in person.

Thanks! I Hope you鈥檒l like it as much as i do :)


Oh wow didn鈥檛 know it鈥檚 that chunky hmmm

Same ! great watch , but to Chucky for noodle arms

*Sits patiently waiting on next Tuesdays sale....

Beautiful dial!

What a beautiful blue color.

Really nice review. Thank you