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6.60” / 16.76 cm Wrist
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Singapore WC meetup #2 @ Delugs

We're excited to host Singapore's second WC meet up after a success first one at the IWC boutique. This time, Ashley @mrgrumps , from Delugs has kindly agreed to host it at their boutique in Ubi. Dec...
Dec 13
Singapore, SG
Wed, December 13 · 7:00 PM +08

Some more macro shots - neo-vintage VC

I'm not remotely on the level of Horomariobro, who does some amazing shots on IG, but getting really up close to my watches helps me to appreciate it...

My greatest success as a personal watch shopping assistant!

I love watches. I love talking about them, wearing them, looking at them, reading about them. I also love when I suck someone deep into the rabbit hol...

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Beanhead commented on Grails that never were ·

Hah, breguet as an old man's watch. Kinda true. I never really liked them, but now I'm older I'm starting to like them, including this exact Tradition.

Beanhead commented on Seeking your grail? Bound to fail. ·

You're a grizzled old watch veteran I see, hah. Have you started falling into the trap/joy of going into the really high end independents that focus on hand crafting or finishing most of the parts? There are definitely levels to the watch hobby. However, you need crazy money or courage to forego mainstream to go deep there. Spend $20k on a young buck from south Korea who hand makes and finishes everything except for the movement? Hmm. Or spend $150k on an amazing chronograph from two bros from Amsterdam? Err..maybe?

It's just another type of consumerism of course, but it feels different because of the hand crafted nature. As long as we don't delude ourselves or become irresponsible, to each his own I say.

Beanhead commented on Thinking of starting a watch brand? Use this template. ·

I can be Pierce if I wear a seamaster??

Beanhead commented on Singapore WC meetup #2 @ Delugs ·

Next time my man. I'll give you a shout out. Sg doesn't have a WC meetup, I just randomly started this with @smoothscott and here we are with meetup #2. Everyone and anyone can host a meet up. Doesn't have to be fancy or very involved. We can meet up in a coffee shop corner just as easily.

Beanhead commented on Singapore WC meetup #2 @ Delugs ·

Oh what, the app doesn't limit the # of attendees! What a useless function. Sorry @ga1989 , but you'll be first on waitlist.

Beanhead commented on Singapore WC meetup #2 @ Delugs ·

Okay, we're at 18pax! The app doesn't want to count me as a guest, so I've reduced it down by one. If you want to join waitlist, drop a note here and I'll let you know if we have drop outs.

Apologies for those that wan to come, but we also want to have a somewhat intimate gathering instead of a hug networking session. There are other watch groups here in Singapore that have that style of meet up.

This is more about the community and having a good discussion.

Beanhead commented on Singapore WC meetup #2 @ Delugs ·

We'll always have a spot for you if you do end up visiting! Will share pics after for sure. I'm gonna get some new straps!!

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