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When hobbies intersect.

I'm an enthusiast of both watches and sneakers so for me the Titan 22 X G-Shock collab here Manila was a banger of a tie up. I love how they packaged...

Titan 22 x G-Shock

Manila-based basketball concept store Titan 22 and Casio G-Shock collaborated on a special edition DW-5600 that celebrates both brands. They had a coo...

Rolex Wait List is now Rolex Wish List?

My wife and I spent the weekend at a casino resort complex here in Manila, Philippines. While going around I chanced upon a Rolex boutique. I popped i...

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commented on A walk up to Mt. Soledad Memorial

I'm truly grateful for your uncle's sacrifice in fighting to liberate our homeland, the Philippines.

commented on A walk up to Mt. Soledad Memorial

I only have this photo from the ceremony.

commented on A walk up to Mt. Soledad Memorial

My late veteran brother had his Navy memorial there early this year.

commented on New Baltic Collection Herm茅tique

A brown strap might work well with the beige dial.

commented on Kynslee's WRUW

Thanks. I hope they bring back the original version.

commented on My first G-shock

Can't go wrong with a G-Shock. You might also want to consider the classic GM-5610 solar powered square G-Shock.

commented on Historically Significant Quartz Watches

The 1983 Swatch watch and Casio G-Shock DW-5000C are both significant to the history of watches.

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Casio F-84W

This bad boy came in today from Japan. I had a similar watch back in the 1980s that my dad bought for me from the Navy Exchange. It's a bit too small...

Casio World Time- Retro Electronics Vibe

This just came in today. I love how the Casio World Time reminds me of an era when the Walkman, Betamax machines and Trinitron TVs were the cutting ed...