Hi there

Thanks to youtube I came across this platform. Watches have never been something special for me, until three years ago, I was able to admire a Breitling on the wrist of my work colleague and I thought wow... what a work of art.

At the age of 22 I am still at the beginning of my life. It's the same with watches, I'm slowly feeling my way forward and learning that the passion for watches is a world of its own.

But enough of the words. The picture shows my Seagull 1963 43mm currently with Nato strap.

Have a good time :)

Nice choice!

Hey Jonas, welcome to the club!

Welcome to the watch community! The Seagull 1963 is a great choice. 馃榿

welcome to watchcrunch man

Welcome and good pick for your first wristshot on Watchcrunch.

Watch looks great. At 43mm, that's a big watch, but you have the wrist for it. Welcome to WC.

Welcome to the crunch!

Howdy and welcome! Good-looking Seagull you've got there! Still waiting to pick one up for myself...but with my svelte wrists it'll have to be the 38mm version. 馃檪 馃嵒

Hi welcome to the club!

Welcome to WC!

Love your watch!


Welcome 鉁岋笍

Welcome to the club. Great combo with the NATO

beautiful! Welcome! This watch is on my list