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Opinions on Sugess Watches?

Hi Chrunchers, lately I did some research on seagull 1963 watches and stumbled across the brand "Sugess". As far as I know they use seagull movements...
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Are "Undone" Watches good?

Hi Chrunchers, when scrolled trough the internet looking for some watches (what else lol), I saw this website called "Undone Watches". The special thi...
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My first SOTC Post

Hi chrunchers, I hope you all are having a great day. Barely a year ago I started to develop a interest for watches. Now my collection fits 5 watches...
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Dysconnect commented on Casio Duro aka Marlin black ·

Beautiful watch, Casio is really one of the best brands for affordable watches.

Dysconnect commented on Edifice Discussion ·

I love my Edifice slim sapphire chrono. Switched the bracelet to a presidential one.

Dysconnect commented on Are "Undone" Watches good? ·

With "good" I basically mean that a watch is worth the money. The quality of the finishing should be reasonable and the overall experience (including packaging and the costumer service) should reflect the price. Hope that could define it for you. Have a nice day.

Dysconnect commented on My first SOTC Post ·

Yeah definitely, the Edifice line is highly underrated so I'm very happy that I got lucky to have one as my second watch.

Dysconnect commented on Quartz discussion | Quartz vs Automatic ·

Hi, my beginner collection consist of quartz watches only, but I´m looking forward to get a mechanical watch next. While quartz watches are often called cheap or soulless I think that that you should difference between the cheap fashion watches and more creative or luxury quartz watches. Of curse, mechanical watches are loved because they can run for themselves without electricity and for the great craftmanship, so both got up and and downsides. I think that both movements are great and everyone should decide himself/herself wich one he prefers the most. Have a great day!

Dysconnect commented on New to watch collecting… ·

Nice Collection mate, great brands and great value!

Dysconnect commented on Anybody looking for a affordable moonphase, then Casio has got you covered ·

Wow, I want one!

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How hard is it to get a JDM Watch in Europe and is it worth it?

Hi Chrunchers, I hope you all have a great day. As you really get into watches, you hear "JDM" here and there. Of the Infos I got these are Japan or A...
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The thousandth Casioak that you see but I like it anyway

Hi chrunchers, I hope you have a fantastic day. In my last post of the new F91W I got myself, I mentioned that this was only a watch on top of the wat...
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Yep finally got one too

Hi Chrunchers, lately I bought a Casioak (post to that watch later) and got that beautiful classic on top. Very happy, have a great day.
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Affordable watches with jubilee bracelet?

Hi chrunchers, hope you all are having a great time. I really like watches on bracelets, especially on jubilee bracelet but I never pulled the trigger...
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Affordable Skeleton Watches?

Hi Chrunchers, hope you all have a great time. Lately I thought about skeletonized watches. I know they are kind of cheesy and not everyones taste, bu...
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Thoughts about the Ciga design x?

Hi Chrunchers, hope you all have a great time. Lately I stumbled across the Ciga design x and was impressed by the specs. But in my eyes it looks like...
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Broke my hand, can´t wear a watch on my right wrist :(

Hi Chrunchers, hope you all have a great time. I´m not lol. Broke the bone of my pinky on the back of my hand and get a operation on Friday. Its my fi...
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