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Golf Watch Divot Tool-Would you buy it?

38 votes

Secret Watch Dresser Drawer

Has anyone seen one of these secret watch drawers? Video馃憞 https://share.icloud.com/photos/05fs5UzCPq1aidfE77-xiZIAw

Citizen's Sport Luxury Collection - The Weekender

Walking around Costco checking out all the things I don鈥檛 need, I noticed something I do need. It instantly caught my eye. I鈥檓 concerned with the 44mm...

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commented on Golf Watch Divot Tool-Would you buy it?

What time is it? Time to fix your divots! 馃槀

commented on theduke's WRUW

I love this!!

commented on sossij's WRUW

Beautiful! I was thinking Timex should do a 鈥淕rand Timex鈥 with precious metals especially on these retro models

commented on Would you rather have one $10,000 watch, or ten $1000 watches?

I went strong out the gate and bought a Rolex bluesy sub thinking it would scratch the itch. Little did I know it only put fire on watch obsession. I find myself wearing my cheaper Seikos and Hamilton more often. I wish I started out cheaper to figure out what I truely liked.

commented on TimelessThreads's WRUW

Yes - I really want the Zulu time

commented on Secret Watch Dresser Drawer
commented on The Empty Spot / What's Next?

GMT would be nice - Longines new Diver HydroConquest GMT may be around that range. The Seiko 5 GMT would easily be cheaper. Maybe some color? Like any blue faced watches?

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Christopher Ward - The Twelve

Inside - Loupe, The magazine of #christopherward Issue 29. Summer 2023 - you will find The Twelve. Inspired from steel sport watches from the 70s, 鈥淭h...

Tulsa King - Piaget Polo

Silvester Stallone stars in Tulsa King as a mafia gangster just released from prison. In the opening episode, all he鈥檚 now got left to his name is his...

Why haven鈥檛 we seen a luxury Timex Watch?

Time for a Grand Timex?? It appears The Timex Group Luxury Division produces watches under a number of world class brands, including Timex, adidas, Fu...

Q Timex GMT

Timex stepping up their game

New here

Hello everyone - I love this community dedicated to watches聽