HOT TAKE: a 36mm Cellini would sell like hot cakes

Every now and then I stumble across a Cellini online and wonder if there's even ONE person in the world, who actually owns one :-D?!聽

If it wasn't as big as it is I would consider getting one (the moon phase looks so good 馃槱) since I love how it looks but yeah, a 39mm dress watch just looks silly on my wrist.

So here's my hot take: If they would shrink it down to a classic 36mm it would be much more popular!


Honestly, if I were ever to get a Rolex, I鈥檇 probably go for a Cellini. I think they have a simple, understated elegance that nearly all other Rolexes (except maybe the OP) lack. I dig them.聽

(Love the channel, btw 馃)

Right?! They are so beautiful in a classic, non old-fashioned type of way (looking at you Patek ;-D) In a perfect world I would wake up to a new Rolex release filled with all kinds of 36mm variations of a Cellini :-D :-D聽

(thank you :-)!)


Right?! They are so beautiful in a classic, non old-fashioned type of way (looking at you Patek ;-D) In a perfect world I would wake up to a new Rolex release filled with all kinds of 36mm variations of a Cellini :-D :-D聽

(thank you :-)!)

Exactly, especially in that one. Just look at that design balance and symmetry! That鈥檚 class.聽

They shrunk the Explorer so maybe this could be next! Imagine if the Cellini Moonphase came in the 36mm size鈥.馃槏

I agree! Finding the proportional balance between the overall watch face and bezel is a tricky game, and when I see dress watches in that 39-40mm range, I feel like I am staring into an ocean of dial face sometimes. Scaling up the bezel thickness & reducing the inside diameter would go a long way to fix this but that could also compromise the overall 鈥渆legance鈥 of the original design. Simple solution would then call for scaling the entire watch down but it appears 36mm is a bridge to far (or short?) for many鈥 but as you alluded to, it鈥檚 not like folks are lining up Cellinis in the first place.聽

I would say that the same design could sell if it were part of a different brand. These days it's just not what customers expect from Rolex.

I always forget the Cellini exists, and that is it鈥檚 problem, it is unremarkable and I don鈥檛 believe anybody talks about it with as much admiration as the more classic models. I agree with the 36mm suggestion.聽

OMG JENNI ELLE I know this is really out of topic but I really love your youtube channel watch reviews!!! YAAAAASSSS to Cellini 36mm PLEASE. 馃榾

I've enjoyed your Youtube channel, it's one of my favorites. It's nice to see you here. Welcome聽

Couldn't agree more! While I do think that the cursive writing doesn't really fit in with Rolex' overall design language and the interrupted, elongated indexes look a bit too "1990's chique", I would gladly wear a Cellini 36. [BTW: Ist die Youtube-Kreativpause bald zu Ende? ;)]

I don't currently own any gold watches, but I love the look of a black dial with a gold case, hands and indices, especially when paired with a black strap. I have to admit that I quite like both the Cellini Time shown in the photo, as well as the old rectangular Cellini Prince models. If I could find the appropriate deal, I'd happily add either of those to my collection (even though I have no real need for a dress watch these days.


One of the things that I really like about the current Cellini Time is the way that they've done the Roman numerals, since they can be mistaken for normal index markers at a quick glance. The knurled bezel is a great touch as well.

I don't think that shrinking the Cellini from 39mm to 36mm would boost sales. They are seen as boring watches, so I don't see them as selling well until "one of the cool kids" is spotted wearing one.

Wie gehts Jenni! 聽Welcome to the Crunch 馃槈

Everytime I see a Cellini, I think "is that an Omega?" 馃ぃ聽

But honestly it kind of occupies a similar niche as the Datejust for me in the Rolex lineup (a more formal DJ?) 聽Maybe that's why they don't market it harder.聽

It's a beautiful watch, and Obama seems to be on the Cellini bandwagon. With that tiny bezel, a 36-38 would be very interesting 馃

Sadly, Rolex could sell a watch with no hour or minute hand and it would still sell like hot cakes.聽

I like the Cellini 馃様

I have seen them in the window display of a Jewelry Store

One of my favorite Rolex watches is the Cellini Prince. 聽I believe that there were maybe four different models in either white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. 聽I would take any one of them, they are pretty sweet.