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Have Affordable Watches Forgotten How To Have Fun?

The watch enthusiast community rightly defend the collectability of affordable watches but it's become harder lately as Seiko raise their prices leavi...
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Will The Hype Cycle Kill Rolex Like It Did With Supreme?

Older or OG streetwear heads, like myself, who are also watch collectors will recognise what's happening to Rolex. It's the same hype cycle, from a ha...
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Will the Watch Community Shrink When We Can Travel Again??

Luxury watch sales have increased as people saved money when no one could travel. With restrictions lifting and the end in sight will the watch commun...
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doitforthedial commented on Longines Spirit Zulu Time. Yay or Nay? ·

I'm probably going to pick the Zulu Time when it comes out as a 40mm version. I wish Longines made a drive watch that looked this good!

doitforthedial commented on What do you think about Formex watches ? ·

Great quality watches, fun designs but I can't see myself spending that much on a microbrand 

doitforthedial commented on Cartier Tank Must on Steel Bracelet ·

Didn't like the sound of it but the photo won me over. Really sweet combo!

doitforthedial commented on Opinions about the new Aquitaine series ·

I think the Chris Ward design language is going in the right direction. I like their modern looking logo at 12 o'clock and thank god there's nothing at 9 o'clock! They've seem to have settled for a decent pair of hour and minute hands which is unique to the brand. I'm also a fan of the cream dial and patina lume. Overall, I liking all three but probably wouldn't buy any of them. They've still not made the right CW watch for me but it's getting closer.

doitforthedial commented on Still in love ·

Rectangular watch + suited and booted = 👌

doitforthedial commented on What’s your dream watch? ·

Today, it's probably a 5 digit datejust from the 90s with a jubilee. Tomorrow, who knows?

doitforthedial commented on Moonwatch and the MoonSwatch ·

How icon the speedmaster design is comes to mind and then what great value for money the moonswatch is! Shame about the moonswatch strap's looks, I'd probably get it replaced with a leather or rubber.

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Wabi Sabi vs Vintage Watch Collecting - Will Vintage Collectors Adopt A New Approach To Collecting?

If you ain't know, Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic based on accepting imperfection. This aesthetic has recently become mainstream with the likes of...
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Hot Tub Time Machine. Any SKX Mod Suggestions?

Summer time snap from warmer days. Planning to mod this SKX by beaching the bezel for a ghost bezel look. If I'm brave I'll put coffee on the lume. An...
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Looking To Get Into Vintage Skin Divers, Any Suggestions On Where To Start?

Not much vintage experience and no experience on buying vintage skin drivers. Not looking to break the bank or anything fancy. Just looking for automa...
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Is The Jubilee Bracelet Dated In The 2020's?

Let me start this off by saying, I'm a bracelet guy. The jubilee bracelet is my favourite to wear and gaze fondly over. The Rolex Datejust, GMT and Se...
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Will The Gilt Dial Tudor BB58 Age Well?

The classic gilt dial Tudor BlackBay 58 has been THE hot enthusiast watch for the past few years. It's the flagbearer for the neo-vintage wave and the...
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Is The Electric Car Revolution The Equivalent To The Quartz Crisis?

Everyone's favourite YouTuber, Archie, made a video comparing the electric car revolution taking place right now to the Quartz Crisis. Does this compa...
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Homage watches vs Mirco Brands - Which Do You Prefer?

The sub 400 market is dominated by homage watches and microbrand watches. Personally, I have no issue with wearing a homage and prefer them to microbr...
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