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DBoogie ·

The look, the feeling, or the watch?

Hello, and a good day to all! I've been spending time pondering, researching and, frankly, lusting for a classic (at least what we by today's standard...
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IncredibleThor ·

Christmas Came Early - Seiko SNXJ89

I’d been on the hunt for a Seiko SNXJ89 for a while. I think it has the best looking case of the 5s and due to its lug to lug length it should wear a...
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watchfun ·

Dresswatch as a daily watch?

A lot of people like to wear tool watches. I think it's the most popular watch type out there. And I get it. They are quiet tough and you don't need to worry about them. Normally they have > 100m of w...
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hakki501 ·

Remembering you, Dad.

As usual, it was a little after 5:00PM. On this particular afternoon, I had ground three different single origin specialty coffee beans, for our usual...
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righthandwatches ·

NWA#2: My Watch for Christmas Dinner and... i got a hat❄️

Hi Watchfam, so let's get to it. I was searching for a dresswatch for a long time and i already choose this one at the end of september,so after a lon...
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RobertWood ·

Christmas for the GF

One of my favorite dress watches is my Tissot Classic Dream, so for Christmas, I bought my GF a Ladies Classic Dream. I think she will love it. The se...
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Bobofet ·

A “dress watch” must be on leather (or some sort of vegan equivalent).

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Rossgallin ·

Microbrand weekend

I’m enjoying Timeless Swiss Watch this weekend. Anyone else wearing a micro?
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Tim_on_Time ·

New watch & your opinion

Hello friends, Since yesterday I am the proud owner of a Baltic MR01. After a month of waiting it arrived yesterday in a nice cork box. I was positive...
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