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JLC Reverso: Dress Watch or Sports Watch ?

I have seen posts where people see the Reverso as a dressy to dress watch and I kind of agree on that. I have never worn mine with jeans before (yet)....

Launching a New Microbrand - Plumage Watches

Hello everyone! My name is Kaine Black and I am watch enthusiast and bird lover from New Brunswick, Canada. I have been collecting watches for 5 years...

I passed on my old Pulsar Quartz watch to my daughter.

A few moths ago I was looking through some old stuff in the attic and I stumbled over an old Pulsar of mine that I had totally forgotten about. It’s n...

The perfect duo?

"The perfect duo" is much like the concept of a "GADA", it has a different meaning for many people. For me a good duo consists of a everyday/casual wa...

Rotary 'Sherlock'

Well here is a bit of a sleeper. Perhaps known to Benedict Cumerbatch fans who may have noticed him wearing this watch in Sherlock. Rotary call this t...

Hamilton Boulton

One of my favorites to look at

What’s your BEST “thrift/yard sale” find so far? Here is my Gruen thrift find for $8.

Found this one awhile back and had it serviced and put on a leather strap with clasp. It’s a beautiful vintage dress watch and I’m grateful to own it.

My first vintage? Concord Sarasota SL

I was visiting my family over the weekend and my dear mother didn't like the Casio I was wearing that day, so she gave me a unisex Concord Sarasota SL...

Need a dress watch suggestion!

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a dress watch below $1500 and need your input!! Here are my criteria Sub 38mm in diameter Sub 10mm for thickness Mecha...

Watch Faux Pas

I took some brave pills earlier, they may have stupid pills, I can never tell the difference. I decided to disassemble the bracelet on my Tank Francai...