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mjosamannen ·

Are bracelets dressy?

I was dressing up for our national celebration today and slipped on my Baby Alpinist with a brushed and polished president bracelet. I felt it was too...
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Timetworule ·

Grand seiko vs. Tudor

Which one gets your vote?
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feel_the_hit ·


Can anybody explain me the difference between dress watches, diver watches and field watches? New into watch collecting. Thanks in advance.
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Fernando163 ·

Dress Watch Help!

Hello Everyone, I’m looking to buy a dress watch and have narrowed the list to the following. IWC Portofino Automatic 40mm And Cartier Ronde 40mm. Wan...
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entrylevel ·

Strap source for Seiko Dolce size watches (17mm and thin)

First post! I just picked up a Seiko SACM171 and love it so far. So tiny, light, and hopefully super accurate. I dress casually essentially every day,...
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kdvklaus ·

Vintage Golda Gold Dress Watch

Hello watchcrunch! I want to share with you me newest member in my watch collection. Last sunday I visited a flea market and found this lovely Golda A...
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JackySZN ·

Best gift ever!

So my girlfriend has been having to listen to me go on about watches for a few months now and she knew I really wanted a dressy watch with a green dia...
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Weremouse ·

Dress watch alternatives

Looking for a dress/work watch and can't quite put my money on the right item, hoping for some suggestions! Something about 38-39mm, automatic, Bambin...
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Nicholaseng ·

New Best Grand Seiko? SBGW279

https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/the-grand-seiko-oruri-sbgw279-makes-you-want-to-have-the-blues So they just released a new US edition GS. And it is...
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Chunghauphoto ·


In a similar vein to the Hodinkee article about the ‘$75 Seiko 5 That Looks Million Bucks’, the dial on this Longines really ’knocks it out of the par...
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