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My cousin’s G-Shock

For context, my cousin died suddenly in 2005 when he was 27. As I was at his mom’s (my aunt’s) house after work today helping her with a couple of thi...

My holiday weekend

Just about to head out the door for a 2-day backpacking/camping trip and decided this was the watch to take. What’s everyone else doing this weekend?

NWA - My new Bayport has arrived


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OlDirtyBezel commented on Do we read any more? ·

This is just my personal taste, but I’ve never found a watch blog (or podcast, for that matter) that can hold my interest. I read a lot, so it’s not the text part that bores me. It’s that I have a hard time caring without seeing a watch in a dynamic setting.

I’d probably read a blog before I listen to another watch podcast, though. Listening to a watch podcast is like watching someone play jazz with the volume turned all the way down. It makes no sense to me.

OlDirtyBezel commented on What else do you collect? ·




Camping and hiking gear****

*Mostly poetry.

**They’re called “records,” not “vinyls.” Stop calling records vinyls; I beg you.

***I’ve had a few.

****Ask me how many Osprey packs I have. The answer is four. I have four Osprey packs. Why the hell do I need four Osprey packs?

OlDirtyBezel commented on Any brands you don’t get? ·

Skmei. I just don’t get why someone makes, and people buy, homages of watches that are already inexpensive by just about any metric.

OlDirtyBezel commented on Bit of fun! - Favorite songs that mention time / watches - Post yours! ·

If you know this band, you and I are now friends.

If you know this band, you and I are now friends.

OlDirtyBezel commented on Bit of fun! - Favorite songs that mention time / watches - Post yours! ·


OlDirtyBezel commented on Please help decide on a brand name! ·

I just want to see a Union Jack-inspired field watch called The Trooper.

Up the irons! 🤘

OlDirtyBezel commented on Why my GS SBGV238 is winning #1WC ·

How the hell did you make this post and leave out the most appropriate, nay the most necessary, pop culture reference possible?


I’m not mad; I’m just disappointed.

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Did I just order my “exit watch?”

After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided on (and have just ordered) the Islander “Ghost” Bayport. If any of you remember my post from a couple...

NWA! My new GW-B5600BL

This isn’t my first G-Shock, but it’s my first 5600, and it has instantly become my favorite since arriving today. I mean, just LOOK at those colors....

Seiko SRPG35

I love how rugged this watch looks and feels on a tropic strap as opposed to the stock NATO.

The Lurking Fear

Do you primarily lurk, or do you post/comment? I keep seeing polls with hundreds of votes, and I think “there’s no way that many people are posting here regularly.” Maybe there are (my math skills are...
67 votes ·

Watches as rewards

There’s more to this story, but the important part is that I have lost a lot of weight over the last several months by getting back to healthy eating...

How does sleeve length affect your choice of watch?

My love for the Flightmaster has never waned one bit since I got it, but I’ve found that I only want to wear it on days when I’m wearing short sleeves...