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My ~$30k Dream Watch Collection (Right Now 😉)

It’s a moving target, for sure, but I think I’ve nailed down my “realistic” dream watch collection. Not talking win-the-lottery-buy-Lange’s-whole-cata...
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Picked Up A Tasty New Strap for the American Clipper

Not usually one for leather straps in anything besides black or brown, but really love how this compliments the dial. (Thanks for the inspiration @Myc...
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How Did We Get Here??

Since the "About" portion of WC profiles doesn't really facilitate a narrative format, I thought I'd highlight my "watch journey" so far in an actual...
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GullibleAndroid commented on My ~$30k Dream Watch Collection (Right Now 😉) ·

Awesome picks! GO does some really cool stuff, and PanoMaticLunar almost made the list; JLC’s heritage is why the Reverso won out for the dress watch spot. (Also, it goes without saying I’d have to have at least 4-5 Casios along with the dream collection as well💪)

GullibleAndroid commented on My ~$30k Dream Watch Collection (Right Now 😉) ·

Totally agree! I think it’s missing the pop of gold from the logo and seconds hand. That’s actually one of the little things I love about my Alpinist ‘59 reinterpretation.

GullibleAndroid commented on My ~$30k Dream Watch Collection (Right Now 😉) ·

You have a point, it’s awfully hard to argue with this…

GullibleAndroid commented on My ~$30k Dream Watch Collection (Right Now 😉) ·

What can I say? 🤷‍♂ lol

Maybe swap the monoface Reverso for duoface with black on the other side? Just to have my bases covered, of course. Haha

GullibleAndroid commented on My ~$30k Dream Watch Collection (Right Now 😉) ·

I get you. I think, to some degree, it’s more than the sum if it’s parts. Yes, Omega leans REALLY heavily on it, which can be somewhat souring. But, IMHO, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a historic timepiece.

I think it’s akin to rappers, celebs, and crypto-bros buying Rolexes. The article itself is still intrinsically admirable and horologically important, but it’s marred by an asterisk of sorts, due to marketing and hype.

Ultimately, I love the Speedy simply because it’s the watch I see and associate with the Apollo program, astronauts (except David Scott, apparently 😜), and the human achievement that was landing men on a celestial body other than our own.

GullibleAndroid commented on Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 2: Serica Vs. Stella Watch Company ·

Never heard of either of these brands, but in perusing their collections, I want to like the Stella, lovely retro designs and gorgeous textured dials... but that brand name font... 😬

Similarly, I like the vintage diver looks of Serica, but the lack of a brand name is a bit austere and has a feel of Aliexpress special with the "Sterile Dial" option box ticked. Tough one...

GullibleAndroid commented on Ostrich Leg Strap on my Zelos ·

A fittingly unique strap for such unique watch! Bravo, sir 👏

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Your Collection Is Gone— Rebuild, Trade Up, or Cash-out?

You wake up one morning to find that your carefully curated watch collection has been stolen in the night! The thieves have exceptional taste, so your watch box was the only thing taken. Fortunately,...
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“I’m done with any more watch acquisitions for a while” …yeeaahhh… about that… In all seriousness, despite not looking for new pieces, the opportunity...
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Nice To See MIDO Getting Some Attention In The North American Market!

I really like the MIDOs in my collection for their great fit and finish, original design language, and interesting heritage. I rarely see them"in the...
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How Do You Organize Your Watchbox?

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Snowy afternoon + Mod kit just arrived = #NWA

This impromptu “CasiOffshore” is thanks to a bargain bin (ie ebay listing with no bids haha) G-Shock in a Halloween color way, that apparently no one...
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Can’t Sleep… Let’s See Some Late-Night Lume Shots! 🔦

Insomnia sucks. Who’s got some cool lume shots to share? —here’s mine
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Kickstarting Someone's Interest In Watches?

If there’s one thing we watch collectors love, it’s discovering a fellow enthusiast. The ensuing conversation discussing the relative merits of case m...
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