Ooh, Ugly.

Stumbled across this. 拢25,000馃槺

Score this out of 10.

From 0 to minus10馃槀馃槀馃槀

I'm hoping that the lever on the left, is the release for the pin, much like a grenade.

That鈥檚 not a crown guard. That鈥檚 a crown gate.

There's so many ultra expensive ugly watches I wonder if their market is Asia and middle east. Since they have "fuck it why not? money".


They were so concerned with whether they could, they never stopped to think about whether they should.

Okay okay yeah but it's shockingly close to being cool. Come on, a seemingly carbon fiber monopush chronograph? That sounds fun!

That crown gizmo is a hallmark of theirs. I read about this brand once and promptly forgot all about them. Honestly there are plenty of equally atrocious watch designs, but they do take the cake for ugly pricey watches from a virtually unknown brand. Or maybe not. It's hard to remember the brands with about zero publicity or acclaim.


Wait till you see the "cheap" one. The tacky see through red"plastic".

Here is a leaked insight into the design process:


Beauty vs function.

Some watches weren't designed to be pretty-just functional for what they were originally built for.https://monochrome-watches.com/the-graham-chronofighter-and-its-unique-trigger-explained/

Does anyone here speak Omega Ploprof?

Looks like a hand grenade, but not as elegant.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,not sure who the beholder is


Looks like a hand grenade, but not as elegant.

Second this, my first impression was if you remove the dial and the strap it looks like a modern hand grenade馃槀Expensive one I would say

I think the buyer feels the need to compensate for a certain physical shortcoming......馃馃槈