Which one would you choose

I think Tissot flopped on this one

I'm sure the quality is great compared to the Casio. But they should at least put a negative display and shave off 100 bucks from retail.


This is the first time I鈥檝e seen them side by side, and although I鈥檓 really not invested in Digi watches or Tissot as a brand, the quality of the PRX shines through in this image in my opinion.

Tissot would be great at 200-250.

Better case material, much better bracelet and sapphire crystal along with 100m w/r make it a better watch than the Casio,but not worth 375.

Would also like the Tisssot module to display date on same screen as the time instead of having to push a button. They claim quick release bracelet but it's integrated-so what the hell can you change it to?

I鈥檝e thought about this. I Kinda like the Tissot with the black face.

I would choose the Tissot. It's better made in every way compared to the Casio and it reminds me of the digital Speedmasters (and other premium digital watches) from the 1970s.

Come on. Just look at the day. The Tissot one moves around to give a sense of progress through the week, and uses a three letter abbreviation. The Casio just stays still and skimps using two letters. NOT THE SAME. I do like the looks of the Casio bracelet better though.

Errrrrr ... No, just no. tsk, tsk Tissot




Tissot, stay in your lane.


That is freaking cool as hell 馃槑