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New strap

New strap day on the GS, I thought a Harris Tweed strap would be fitting for the Scottish highlands

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas watch crunch!!

A brief history discussion, Inspired by my 1977 Grand quartz

I Recently went down the rabbit hole of early Seiko quartz which led to the quartz crisis, but what I had never thought about was how much innovation...

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commented on Did I ever mention that I'm a tudor fan boy?

The vertex is such an awesome watch

commented on New strap

Thanks, its the SBGX343 'Gishi'

commented on Show us the watch you selected for Christmas Day!
commented on Help me decide which one to choose.

Sbgx341 馃憣

commented on SOTC after another year 鈥瀒n the game鈥

Awesome collection!!

commented on Daniel Craig, WRUW?

It's a planet ocean

commented on Favorite Quartz (Quality, not "Luxury") ~36mm GADA?

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My current favourite 3, Yes I am a Seiko fan boy

L-R Limited Edition Seiko Alpinist 'rock face' Grand seiko 'gishi' sbgx343 1977 Seiko Grand quartz These are my most worn watches and are the ones tha...

Grand Seiko 9F movement

It's time for a battery change of my Grand Seiko gishi sbgx343, the watch is 5 years old and just started indicating low battery life, I Just thought...

Show off your GMT

Hello fellow crunchers, I'm currently thinking about picking up a GMT, it's not something I have ever had in my collection, Adding or subtracting a fe...

My Sons first proper watch

While on vacation my 12 year old son has been taking interest in my Seiko marinemaster 200r while on beach days snorkeling and I promised him if he be...

Bargain gem

I just thought I would share this little beauty with my fellow crunchers! A bit of an impulse buy but one I am so glad I did As you may or may not kno...

What is your next watch?

Hello fellow crunchers! I just thought I would start a discussion into which watch is your next watch? Not the unobtainable ultimate grail (unless you...